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Look great, ride great. 

We’re extremely excited to bring you our jointly developed MPP / KW Comfort Coilovers. After speaking with a large number of Model 3 owners in the community, we realized that there was a large demand for the ability to lower your Model 3 without reducing the ride comfort, especially over large bumps. For this reason we have developed a comfort coilover system that aims to bring you great value, smoother than OE ride, increased suspension travel and dampers done by some of the best in the business.


  • Spring rates set for comfortable driving, very similar to factory spring rates.
  • Height adjustable from factory ride height down to 50mm below stock.
  • Progressive bump rubbers tuned to engage only in the most aggressive bumps to not add to ride harshness under normal conditions.
  • Utilize the OEM upper hats for minimum NVH transmitted into the cabin. No spherical bearings to clunk and transmit road noise!
  • Bolt-in installation. A competent shop can have these coilovers installed in 3.5 hours.
  • Composite spring perch that will not seize to damper body over time as many aluminum products tend to.

Fits these vehicles: Model 3 Dual Motor, Performance, Performance w/ PUO

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Aftermarket suspension is something that can make or break the enjoyment of a vehicle. Unfortunately for Model 3 owners, the car is very high from the factory and runs into the bump stops over just about any bump – and they are always engaged once a car has been lowered on springs. This means that the dampers (also called shock absorbers) must be changed when lowering the car to allow for compliant chassis over bumps, and to avoid damaging the vehicle when driving aggressively – as the bump rubber can only compress so much before effectively becoming a rock. Repeated extreme impacts can damage the top mounts and put unnecessary shock through the entire vehicle, and upset the platform when driving at the limit.

Our comfort coilovers have been developed to offer a huge range of height adjustability with significantly more travel than stock. Our coilovers have been developed jointly with KW Suspension, one of the leading aftermarket performance and racing suspension suppliers in the world. There is a reason why KW is the go-to pick for those that own European sports and luxury cars. Our comfort coilovers were designed for the user that wants a similar ride to factory – even slightly softer, while having the ability to fine tune the ride height to his or her exact preference.

As our comfort dampers are designed for the lower ride height when compared to stock, the suspension will ride just as well whether it is 10mm below stock, or 50mm below stock!


Factory Ground Clearance (19″ Wheels, Early Production Springs): 

Front: 155mm
Rear: 150mm

* As Model 3 production evolves we have seen different cars be slightly different heights. You can measure the ground clearance of your car if you’re trying to determine exactly how much you’ll be able to lower your car with our coilovers, but as a guide you’ll be able to get the car far lower than you ever should want to run it. In our testing we found 110mm front and rear was a very driveable height and that will be our recommended ride height.


MPP Coilover Range: 

Front: 90mm – 140mm
Rear: 100mm – 140mm

Our suspension system utilizes the factory rear spring mounting location – as designed by Tesla. While it is likely that some other coilover manufacturers will take the easy path and put the spring on the rear damper, the upper parcel shelf was never designed to carry the entire vehicle load. The chassis rigidity simply isn’t there, not to mention the NVH concerns.

This suspension kit comes with a 2-year warranty (void with track-use, as is KW policy), complete documentation including instructions and recommended initial ride height settings. Installation is very straight forward. The OEM top-hats are to be re-used and as such so a spring compressor is required to disassemble the factory front dampers. Nothing on the car needs to be permanently modified or damaged for installation.

If you’re interested in also purchasing our suspension arms as a package with the coilovers, please message us for a discount code!

Installation Instructions HERE


Additional information

Weight20 kg
Dimensions70 × 40 × 15 cm

5 reviews for MPP Model 3 Comfort Coilovers AWD/Performance

  1. lromoda

    I have a stealth Performance. One of the first things I had to address was the fender gap. I assessed just dropping springs on it, but I know that seldom works out well. The Comfort Coil Overs are everything I could ever want from a lowering solution. The damping and ride quality is head and shoulders above the factory ride. Since then, I’ve added rear camber and toe arms, upper control arms, and lower control arm bushings. I was initially worried that I would pay a penalty for replacing all that cushy OEM rubber. Thankfully, I was completely wrong about that. If anything, the car feels tighter, far more composed around anything, and I feel basically no impacts on the road. After install and alignment my sense was that it was totally uneventful. No creaks, pings, I turned the wheel, the car went where I pointed it. Even over harsh surfaces where muscle memory told me to expect something, I didn’t. I love ever piece and have no regrets at all. It’s great be be able to put the ride height wherever I want it. I’m about to order the BBK front and rear.

  2. MasterC17

    The stock suspension in the Performance Model 3 falls in the “just OK” category. I wanted to reduce fender gap, improve ride quality, and improve efficiency at highway speeds. The MPP Comfort Coilovers check all those boxes. You can have good looks and good functionality at a great price. Don’t fall for the companies trying to sell you springs, springs are not the way to go as the stock dampers were not designed for them. Springs will only wear out the stock suspension, your back, and your wallet! When you buy this kit you get the complete package, valved and designed from the ground up to improve the handling and comfort of the Model 3. After spending a year and 10,000 miles with them I can say that MPP achieved their goal. The Comfort Coilovers are very comfortable, very quiet, and notably improve the handling characteristics of the Model 3. Installation was straight-forward and easy. After-sales support was fantastic. They look great and the quality is top notch.

  3. Jason Fang

    I decided to go with the comfort coilovers because MPP has a great reputation, and I didn’t plan on tracking my car.

    Since the coilovers are from KW, the workmanship is top notch. I had KWV3’s before on my G37S and never had a problem. The item arrived very well packaged and delivered without a hitch. I took the car to a shop to do the install, so I don’t know how hard/easy it is, but the installation instructions are well documented by MPP.

    I initially went with the recommended specs of 74.4mm front and 24mm rear. The drop is about an inch from OEM. The ride is sportier and a little stiffer on 18’s, but not to the point where it is untolerable. Driving around, I can feel less body roll when turning and it absorbs bumps very well at high speeds. For it’s intent, the comfort coilovers are spot on for everyday street driving.

    I now have the car lowered down to 53mm and 12mm which gives about 0.5inch wheel gap.

    It is worth noting that you don’t need rear camber arms if you go with the recommended drop unless you are tracking the vehicle and need some specific camber. Even with my lower settings, the rear camber is within spec.

    Lastly, I just wanted to note that Jesse has been a stellar person to work with. Very communicative, helpful, and easy to approach. It’s enthusiasts like him that make a great company you can stand by.

  4. willis

    When i first ordered my model 3 my goal was to lower it with lowering springs to get rid of the fender gap. I learned about MPP through the forums and i remember thinking to myself that i would be crazy to spend this much money to lower my car. Thankfully i decided to make the investment and go with MPP Coilovers, Camber arms, and toe arms.

    When you buy MPP products, you are getting more than just top quality parts, you are also getting incredible service. I have always been impressed by how much attention they have given to me whenever I needed help. Every time i have emailed them with questions, i have always received a prompt email, or phone call back. (A phone call back? Who does that anymore?)

    Thanks again to the MPP team and i can’t wait to get more of your goodies on my M3P.

  5. yellow05gt

    I have put about 2,500 miles on these coilovers in my 2021 M3 Performance and They are much tighter and has settled in it feels like. It feels a little more sporty/stiffer than when first installed. I’m about to go on a very long road 2,000 mile road trip and am looking forward to a much better driving experience. I would highly recommend these to anyone looking to upgrade their ride quality and still have a sporty, more direct ride, and overall more control of your Tesla.

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