Sports Coilovers for Tesla Model 3 RWD

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The ultimate in street and track performance.

We’re extremely excited to bring you our jointly developed MPP / KW Coilovers. A partnership between MPP and KW Suspensions, we have designed the very coilovers we dreamed of. We had the opportunity to work with a number of different suspension manufacturers but went with KW as they have always been the damper of choice for us on road cars. Incredible ride quality, huge adjustment range and built for the long haul. We’ve developed these dampers on some of the best roads in the country, and we can assure you that these coilovers exceed the quality and performance of anything even remotely close in cost.

  • Specially designed to provide the highest quality driving experience, no drawbacks such as a harsh ride or noises.
  • Rebound adjustable, with significant and noticeable changes with every click. Unlike some adjustable coilovers that claim to have many clicks or a wide adjustment range, these coilovers have true motorsport damper technology and the adjustment in the low speed range is over 300%!
  • Compression adjustable, with significant and noticeable changes with every click. Full soft to full stiff compression is over 350% difference in forces at some damper speeds.
  • Spring rates designed for sports road driving. With the compression and rebound adjustment turned down the ride is more comfortable than OEM suspension.
  • Height adjustable from 10mm below factory ride height down to 60mm below factory.
  • Stainless steel bodies for optimal corrosion resistance and durability
  • Progressive bump rubbers tuned to engage only in the most aggressive compressions while keeping the chassis composed.
  • Utilize the OEM upper hats for minimum NVH transmitted into the cabin. No spherical bearings to clunk and transmit road noise!
  • Bolt-in installation. A competent shop can have these coilovers installed in 3.5 hours.
  • Two-Year Warranty – Void with track use.

Fits these vehicles: Model 3 Standard RWD, Mid-Range RWD, Long Range RWD 


We designed our Sports Coilovers for the Tesla Model 3 RWD to offer a huge range of height adjustability with significantly more travel than stock. MPP worked jointly with KW Suspension to develop this suspension system. KW is one of the leading aftermarket performance and racing suspension suppliers in the world. They are a go-to pick for those that own European sports and luxury cars.

An aftermarket suspension can make or break the enjoyment of a vehicle. Unfortunately for Model 3 owners, the car is very high from the factory. It runs into the bump stops over just about any bump. They are always engaged once a car has been lowered on springs. This means that you must change the dampers (also called shock absorbers) when lowering the car to allow for a compliant chassis over bumps. This is also necessary to avoid damaging the vehicle when driving aggressively. The bump rubber can only compress so much before it becomes effectively solid. Repeated extreme impacts cause damage to the top mounts and put unnecessary shock through the entire vehicle. It can also upset the platform when driving at the limit.

MPP Coilover Rear Rebound Adjuster Detail Image


We spent 10 days in California with a Model 3 testing and developing our dampers on some of the best roads in North America. We’ve driven over harsh roads, smooth roads, mountain roads and everything in between. The dampers have been tuned for the sporting canyon carver that doesn’t want to sacrifice ride quality in the quest for sports car handling.

Details for Sport Coilovers for Tesla Model 3

This suspension kit is rebound adjustable, and every click makes a distinct and significantly noticeable difference. Unlike some suspension on the market that advertise themselves as “adjustable” – our dampers are able to more than triple the rebound forces from full soft to full stiff in the low speed range (low speed means low damper shaft speed – everything other than large bumps in the road). See the graph below to understand the actual difference in adjustment range. For your reference, 20-50mm/sec is what you feel when turning the steering wheel – this represents chassis motion. 300mm/sec and up are fairly decent size bumps.

With the rebound turned up, these dampers are suitable for the racetrack for HPDEs and lapping days, and when turned down they actually produce less forces than OE dampers. You’ll be amazed at the difference from full soft to full stiff.

Our suspension system utilizes the factory rear spring mounting location – as designed by Tesla. While it is likely that some other coilover manufacturers will take the easy path and put the spring on the rear damper, the upper parcel shelf was never designed to carry the entire vehicle load. The chassis rigidity simply isn’t there, not to mention the NVH concerns.


Factory Ground Clearance (19″ Wheels, Early Production Springs): 

Front: 155mm
Rear: 150mm

*As Model 3 production evolves we have seen different cars be slightly different heights. You can measure the ground clearance of your car if you’re trying to determine exactly how much you can lower your car with our coilovers, but as a guide you could get the car far lower than you should ever run it. In our testing we found 110mm front and rear is a very driveable height. That is our recommended ride height.

MPP Coilover Range: 

Front: 90mm – 140mm
Rear: 100mm – 140mm

MPP Suspension arms pictured with our MPP Sports Coilovers

Reviews for the Sports Coilovers RWD

Hundreds of our customers are using our coilover kits on their Model 3’s. So far the reviews are really encouraging! We suggest you do some research online to read some reviews and ask us if you have any questions. Our opinions of ourselves are obviously biased in our favor! Picking a suspension for your vehicle is so difficult because unlike power figures, the “feel” of the car is not something that can be quantified. For this reason, it’s not uncommon for a good salesman to get you into something you might otherwise not have chosen if you compared both products on merit entirely. The closest we can get is to suggest reading reviews, especially from those who switched to MPP from another suspension. These customers are our best source of feedback, as they have a direct back to back comparison.

This suspension kit comes with:

  • A 2-year warranty (void with track-use, as is KW policy)
  • Complete documentation including instructions
  • Recommended initial setup settings (height and damper settings)

Installation is very straightforward. The OEM top-hats are retained and as such a spring compressor is required to disassemble the factory front dampers. Nothing on the car needs to be permanently modified or damaged for installation.

If you’re interested in also purchasing our suspension arms as a package with the coilovers, please message us for a discount code!


Selecting The Suspension Kit That Is Best For You:

As we now have a number of suspension options – we’ve created a graph to help visualize the pros and cons of the different kits. If you don’t plan on ever tracking, the comfort or comfort adjustable kit is likely the best option. For those who care more about a sporty drive and will hit the track but aren’t taking it too seriously, the sports kit is exactly what you’re after. If you are getting serious about track duty, the sport kit with super sport springs will help. If you’re building a racecar with your Model 3, then the competition kit is the only suitable option.

Installation Instructions HERE


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    These coilovers are incredible. The difference between these and stock is night and day. Driving on the street is actually better over bumps than stock and it just feels more planted but not harsh at all on soft setting. On the track is where they really shine though. It’s really incredible the difference they made. I was able to carry much more speed than before on this higher speed turn section at my local track. The turn starts with a compression then goes uphill into a right hand sweeper and I just couldn’t believe the compliance with these vs stock. It’s a great test for suspension and these passed the test with flying colors.

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