400mm Big Brake Kit for Tesla Model S Plaid and Long Range “Easy Big Fella”

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Plaid brakes need help. Are you going to help them?

We all know the Plaid Model S was ill-equipped in the brake department. Our 400x33mm big brake kit significantly increases the rotor cooling, aids with front brake bias, and allows you to push your plaid with confidence.


  • Massive upgrade to cooling and brake balance
  • 400mm diameter vs 380mm OEM rotors
  • Lightweight, 4.4lbs lighter each
  • Visually stunning two-piece rotor
  • Aluminum anodized hat made from US-Sourced 6061-T6
  • Directional rotors with curved vanes for optimal cooling
  • Made in the USA
  • Rotors made by Girodisc Racing Brakes, a leading brake supplier with winning experience in the highest level of motorsport.
  • 19″ Wheels Require Clearance Check – OEM 19’s will not fit. 

Fits these vehicles: Model S Plaid

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We’re proud to have been the first to offer an OEM caliper big brake upgrade for Tesla vehicles with our Model 3 365mm BBK. We are looking forward to offering a similarly high value, high capability upgrade for your Tesla Model S Plaid brakes, as well as all 2021+ Model S vehicles. Much has been made of the poor brakes that came factory equipped on the 1000+ horsepower, 5000lb Model S Plaid. While investigating the brake system, we found that the OEM caliper wasn’t so much the issue as was the shrouded OEM rotor that had no active air pumping vanes.

Any brake system can remove heat only through the rotor or external ducting. No matter how large the caliper and pads you put on your car – the ultimate limit comes from the thermal equilibrium – how much heat you put into the brakes versus how much heat the brakes are able to shed.  With a low-drag, 1000hp car, you can imagine that there’s a LOT of energy that can be put into these brakes.

model s plaid brakes and model s brake upgrade

Our rotors use curved vanes which turn the rotor into an air pump – the faster the wheel rotates, the more cool air is sucked from the inside of the rotor and pumped outwards through the vanes – which increases the cooling capacity of the rotor far above what a standard vane rotor would have. All motorsport and racing rotors use directional curved vanes, and that is the critical difference between the OEM rotors that allow this kit to shed so much more heat.

We wanted to come up with a solution that was cost-effective, that just about any Plaid owner could upgrade to, achieving the brakes that the car should have come with factory. Our elegant solution allows you to keep your OEM calipers, makes installation straightforward and easy, and allows for a much larger, visually appealing rotor.  While these brakes might not be able to last a 3-hour endurance race, the good news is that with the right pad there is enough capacity to be able to enjoy laps on the track without worrying. If you’re driving on the street or drag racing, you can rest easy knowing that these brakes will shed the heat you put into them and be ready for your next heavy brake application.

The difference between 400mm and the OEM 380mm really makes a stunning visual impact with 20″ wheels, and these brakes finally do not look undersized for the car. In addition, the added diameter gives a little bit more front brake bias which we’ve discovered is very much needed with higher grip tires on this platform – it had too much rear brake bias to begin with.

Comparison of OEM brake rotor weight to MPP plaid brakes rotor weight for Tesla Model S Plaid Front Rotors

Unlike some 2pc rotors, these rotors will never make any noise or disc rattle, and by using an aluminum hat we are able to shed a significant amount of zero value weight while looking incredible. It’s win-win. In addition, these rotors have the OEM pad annulus (pad height) so you are not restricted to one pad supplier. Any aftermarket pads will be compatible with our discs. 

Our big brake kit installs in less than one hour and is fully reversible. The factory caliper’s brake line does not need to be disconnected – the caliper is simply removed, the new rotor installed, and the caliper spacers inserted prior to bolting the new caliper up. Suddenly you have brakes in line with what should have been equipped from the factory.


Tesla Model S 400mm Big Brake Kit Testing:

One of the things we’ve always tried to do at MPP was to provide quantitative proof of the results and performance we claim. We always talk about our motorsport background, but by sharing some of the real development we do we aim to earn your trust and show just how working in professional motorsports is benefiting the products we offer.

Below you’ll find the results of brake rotor surface temperature as measured by multi-channel IR brake temperature sensors. During this test, we equipped the car with the 400MM BBK on the left corner, while leaving the OEM Tesla Model S Plaid brakes on the right. To keep the variables under control, we ensured that brake pads, tires, and tire pressures were equal from side to side. The data was logged with the same MoTeC ECU that we are also using to emulate the OEM Tesla Suspension controller, and as a result, we even display the OEM brake temperatures on the Suspension UI!

comparison of the plaid brakes. Before and after the model s brake upgrade with temperature data

Incredibly the OEM rotor got up to an alarming 900degC – so hot that it was glowing bright red even in the daylight sun. The MPP rotor reached only 800degC on the outside tip of the disc. Notice that the outer edge of the disc runs hotter than the inside on the MPP rotor – evidence that the air being pumped through the rotor is having a significant impact on cooling – as the cool air enters from the center of the disc (the inside) and pumps out radially. Once the OEM rotor is heat-soaked, it sheds its heat much more slowly than the MPP rotor – whereas the MPP rotor removes more heat and is cooler at the application of the brakes in the next braking zone. Additionally, as the inside of the rotor is cooler, the surface temperature cools faster as it is not as heat soaked as the OEM rotor.


Product Specifics:

These rotors are zinc coated, to help reduce oxidization. Note that these rotors, like all rotors, will oxidize over time, especially if not in use or if driven on salt-covered roads. A few normal brake applications will clear the rotors of any surface rust that has developed.

This kit includes the following:

  • (2) Rotor rings and rotor hats assembled and ready to be installed on the car. They are directional so be sure to install them on the correct side!
  • (4) Caliper spacers
  • (4) Replacement caliper bolts

Note: Brake clearance must be confirmed when using 19″ wheels. OEM 19″ Wheels will not fit. 20″ or 21″ wheels are recommended.


Installation instructions HERE


Additional information

Rotor Weight

23.4lbs (OE 27.8lbs)

Rotor Diameter

400mm (OE 380mm)

Rotor Thickness

33.4mm (OE 32mm)

Hat Thickness

8.5mm (OE 8.5mm)

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    For the safety of you and everyone else on the road buy these now. We all know the plaid goes faster than it stops but with these the car finally stops like it should. It really is a huge difference. As always Tesla makes a great car but Mountain Pass finishes the car.

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