MPP Model Y/3 “Smash Me” Front Skid Plate


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As featured on i1Tesla’s overland Model Y!

Planning to hit the trails? Protect your sensitive bits!

  • Protect the leading edge of your battery, coolant hoses and drive unit
  • Laser-cut from 1/8″ Aluminum
  • Made in Canada
  • Flush with the OEM bumper and battery for optimal aerodynamics
  • Stainless steel hardware that will never rust
  • Bolt-on installation in 20 minutes. 

Fits these vehicles: All Model Y’s, all Model 3’s.

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Part of the fun of having a Tesla Model Y is the ability to either go really fast on the racetrack – or adventure off the beaten path. When you’re considering hitting the trails it’s not a bad idea to protect the bottom of the chassis with a bit more than the plastic undertray. In addition to the brittle coolant hoses situated in front of the battery, there is also the drive unit and high voltage wiring to protect. With the encouragement of our friend Brian from i1Tesla, we went ahead and designed a skid plate that would offer tons of protection while being affordable, easy to install, and without any compromises.

As we all know aerodynamics, are critical to the efficiency and range of the Y. With this in mind, we ensured the plate sits flush with both the front bumper at the front and the battery case in the back so that drag is not impacted in any way. Low profile hardware is used to further reduce any aerodynamic disturbances.

When it came to the design of this “Smash Me” plate, we carefully studied the OEM undertray and designed ours to fit just as well as stock – nicely slotting into the cutouts in the OEM front bumper and mating up to the rear fender wells as cleanly as possible. The plate is 1/8″ thick so it will take something pretty mega to puncture this plate! And as you’d expect from MPP, the hardware supplied is all stainless steel, so it will be rust free for the life of the car.

Our MPP skid plate installs in about 20 minutes, after which you’ll be ready to hit the trails! Go on, smash it! And for those of you with Model 3’s that like to hit the trails, you’ll be happy to know that this fits the Model 3 as well – thanks Elon!

Tesla Model Y With Overland Ready Skidplate For Offroading

Installation instructions to follow. 

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