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The best wheel spacer solution starts with the best studs.


Wheel studs manufactured to our specifications by MSI – the company behind the wheel studs used by top NASCAR and IMSA teams at the highest level of motorsport.

  • Installs on Model 3 without requiring hub removal
  • Allows for spacers up to 20mm thick with most wheels
  • Manganese Phosphate coating
  • Made in the USA

Fits these vehicles: All Model 3, All Model Y, Model S 2021+, Model X 2021+

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MPP.R Extended Wheel Studs by MSI

We’re happy to expand our offerings at MPP to the wheel accessories line – focusing on the ultimate track-oriented performance. While bolt-on spacers are fine for street use they are generally frowned upon for track use due to the reduced stiffness a bolt-on spacer offers, as well as the risks associated with having an additional set of nuts holding the assembly to your car. Additionally, they generally need to be at minimum 15mm thick – whereas having an extended stud allows you to use any size spacer you want (as long as there is enough thread engagement on the lug nut).

Knowing that we wanted to offer an extended stud, we went to the leaders in wheel studs – MSI Racing Products. MSI is famously known for being the stud supplier that professional motorsport users rely on – and most Nascar cup teams rely on MSI to provide studs that will be able to endure the abuse of repeated 12-second pit stops with extremely high torque, high-speed impact guns. We’ve worked with MSI before and know that they are a great company located in the USA, so they were a great partner for this project.

While you don’t need the same studs that you’d find on the top racing vehicles in the world (that aren’t single-lug, of course), we figured the small cost difference was worth it to have the absolute best, especially when you consider that changing studs takes some time.

Concept And Design:

We went to MSI with a custom design we developed that maximizes the length that the stud can be without requiring the removal of the hub from the vehicle. This allows the studs to be very easy to install, specifically, if you’re already changing brake rotors or brake pads, it’s as simple as hammering out the OEM studs and using a wheel stud installation tool to drive the new studs in with an electric impact gun.

This meant removing the classic “bullet” nose that is used to center the lug nut before slamming it on with an impact gun. That’s a feature we figure we were safe to forego, considering there aren’t any pit stops being done with these cars yet – you’re out of battery before you are out of tire!

Our range of wheel spacers has also been designed to work specifically with these studs, so you know that when you match them together you’ll have complete thread engagement of the lug nut.

What’s Included:

  • 20x wheel studs for a complete installation

What’s Not Included:

  • Wheel stud installation tool. Suggested tools can be found here

Coating Notice:

These wheel studs are coated with a Manganese Phosphate coating, which has lubrication and anti-galling properties which are desirable characteristics for a wheel stud that is seeing frequent and fast wheel removal/installation. However, Manganese Phosphate coating is not impervious to extended exposure to salt, so if you’re using your car in a winter-climate that is exposed to salt, or if you’re very close to the sea, expect surface corrosion on the studs after a year or more. 



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