MPP Page Mill Street Front Brake Pads



We’ve been asked by everyone for brake pads – so here they are! A perfect street sports oriented pad, designed for spirited road driving. We also have more aggressive pads in the works for those that want to run on the track. These pads will make it down Page Mill. The OEM ones won’t.

  • No dust
  • No noise
  • Great pad life
  • Suitable for spirited driving and street use.


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A great replacement for the factory Model 3 pads for those that enjoy the occasional spirited drive. Virtually no dust, absolutely no noise, and great linear pedal feel. These are an affordable and logical solution for front brake pad replacement.

While these aren’t rated for track use, if you’re going to the track for your first time or just getting a feel for the track, these pads will likely be enough for your first or second time at the track.

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