MPP Sticker Pack (Black, Silver, Chrome) Decals


  • Represent MPP with these fancy sticker packs!
  • High-quality vinyl decals by C17 Media
  • Easy to apply, easy to remove (but why would you remove them?)
  • Shipping cost included in North America


A number of our customers ask for decals, and we tend to be low to get them out and thought it would be a much better idea to just package some decals together for you all. These decals are sold pretty well at our cost and include free shipping in North America. We appreciate any of you who want to promote MPP and it means a ton to us, so we want to help you get these decals as affordably as possible! Use them on your car, your garage, your toolbox, your local charger, racetrack, or your significant other.

These decal packs include both the entire MPP logo with text, as well as a slightly larger logo of the Mountain Pass logo alone. The black + silver pack includes two black, and two silver decals of each shape (8 in total). The chrome pack includes two of each shape (4 in total). The stickers are made by C17 Media, a longtime sponsor of ours who wraps all of our project vehicles and even IMSA GTD Pro championship-winning cars. How cool is it to know that it isn’t some regular sticker shop making your new decals?


These will ship to you in an envelope, snail-mail style. So don’t worry about placing them with an order of parts, because they won’t be shipped with your parts anyways! If you need them faster, we can always do that for you but the shipping cost will be basically the same as the decal cost.


Full Logo: 2.75″ Tall by 12″ Wide
Icon Logo: 3″ Tall by 4″ Wide