MPP Tesla Model 3 Road Upgrade Kit Level 1

Introducing MPP Upgrade Kits

For those of you who are new to modifying Teslas, we’ve put together different upgrade kits based on your target style of driving.

By purchasing a complete upgrade kit, you can know you’re getting the ideal parts for your goals, and you’ll also save a little bit of money as the “upgrade kits” benefit from a discount versus buying all of the parts individually.

Road Upgrade Kit Level 1

This upgrade kit is a grouping of our most popular and praised products, and is the perfect first step to start down the path of modifying your Tesla. If your goal is to have the highest quality components to upgrade the driving experience for on road use, while retaining or even improving the ride quality – This kit will make your M3 ride like a high-end European sedan. The inputs are sharpened without any compromise or increase in NVH. The car soaks up large bumps significantly better than the OE suspension, and the ride height and firmness is adjustable so you can tailor the look and feel to exactly what you’re after.

The comfort adjustable coilovers have become one of our most popular products because they are so well suited to deliver a high-quality ride that is still inspiring and fun to drive.

This kit includes our Comfort Adjustable coilovers, rear upper control arms to correct the rear camber which occurs from lowering, and our front lower control arm bearings, which replace the OEM bushings which tend to fail prematurely on these cars esspecially when lowered.

Included Products

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MPP Comfort Adjustable Coilovers

MPP Front Lower Control Arm Bearings

MPP Rear Upper Camber Arms

About MPP Road Level 1

Our Level 1 upgrade kit is all about giving you the best bang for your buck. Each product makes an incredibly noticeable difference to the feel of your Model 3, each one with the aim of making you directly connected to the car, without adding any harshness or noise to your silent car.

These are the parts that you want if you’re looking to enjoy braking and cornering with your Model 3, and want it to drive like a refined European sports sedan.

Level 1 is also about no compromises. The ride quality is improved over factory, the responsiveness is improved, and the suspension is adjustable – so you can fine-tune exactly how firm you want the ride along with the ride height.

This is a great starting point for anyone getting into spirited driving with their Model 3, and in our opinion, how the car should come from the factory.

Comfort Adjustable Coilovers for Tesla Model 3 AWD/Performance

Original price was: $2,980.00.Current price is: $2,860.80.

In Stock

Arastradero Rear Upper Camber Arms for Tesla Model 3 & Y

Solid Front Lower Control Arm Bearings for Tesla Model 3 & Model Y

In Stock

Original price was: $3,720.00 – $3,770.00.Current price is: $3,571.20 – $3,619.20.

What Do Our Customers Think?

“This upgrade is well worth the money paid… the handling is by far the best of any car I’ve owned with unbelievable ride quality. I have to say the guys at MPP have were there for my every step of the way, answering any and all questions- they go above and beyond to help out and provide great insight.”

Stephen L

“I just had these LCA bushings installed even though my car had only 10k miles on it. The stock bushings are soft and don’t provide much feed back in the steering response of the car. After installing these solid bushings, the car goes where I point it to go. I did run into one issue that MPP described in the installation process and by no means is it MPP’s fault. I have a 2018 P3D and the LCA bolt that attaches to the subframe screws into a welded nut. Well unbeknownst to me, Tesla did not center the nut and I could not use the sleeve to make up some of the slack in the bolt hole. While it is not required to use the sleeves, it would have been nice to use the supplied sleeves.

Other than that the bushings are a great improvement over the stock bushings. I did not buy the bushing press tools, but in retrospect, it would have helped out with the installation process.”

Daniel W

“Love these coilovers! The best thing I purchased for my Performance Model 3 and I would highly recommend. I even installed them myself in my garage without issue. Super clean install! And even better performance!”

Gehad A

“This little piece of aluminium which is easy to install is kind of magical.
It is not making you braking harder, but you get a braking pedal’s race way shorter. Your action on the braking pedal is then applied faster to the pads, which gives you the feeling the car should have had out of the factory.

I definitely recommend it !” 


“The car stock felt sloppy in turns and ride quality was meh at best. Coming out of an AWD BMW sedan and into a stock model 3 was painful. I missed the sounds of the motor and the handling. Only thing I got with the model 3 was speed in a straight line which gets boring. Was poking around and wanted to make sure I got something that gave me the performance boost the car so desperately needed without making the wife and baby miserable on daily rides.

Then, Mountain Pass Performance entered the chat. I had some questions on the products and their support team quickly responded with way more detail than I could have ever anticipated. Now having all this knowledge, I knew this was the coilover set for me. Quickly bolted right into the car with no headaches or alignment issues. The install was super straight forward and included very detailed install instructions. The coils are gorgeous and super well made.

Slapped them into the car and man did they make a difference. I tried them in the full sport setting for all 4 corners on rebound and dampening and it was a smoother ride than stock. Now comes the cornering. Oh boy the handling. Night and day transformation on how the car feels and drives. My confidence in the car greatly increased in turns, on less than stellar roads and even the occasional dirt road. Definitely worth every single dollar spent and then some. Honestly, these coils have brought back the fun of driving and is the only reason I still have the car today.”

- Matt Wilde