MPP Tesla Model 3 Sport Upgrade Kit Level 2

Introducing MPP Upgrade Kits

For those of you who are new to modifying Teslas, we’ve put together different upgrade kits based on your target style of driving.

By purchasing a complete upgrade kit, you can know you’re getting the ideal parts for your goals, and you’ll also save a little bit of money as the “upgrade kits” benefit from a discount versus buying all of the parts individually.

Sport Upgrade Kit Level 2

Our Level 2 upgrade kit is for those of you who want more of that laser-sharp, confidence-inspiring feeling you get from a vehicle that is fine-tuned with the sole purpose of connecting car and driver. 

The Level 2 upgrade kit is nearly zero compromise – the added responsiveness and feel near the limit is still complimented by proper road manners and quiet driving around town. Something we’ve worked very hard on over the years has been offering maximum performance without degradation to noise and comfort.

If you enjoyed your Sport Upgrade Kit Level 1, this is simply more of that. More connection. More responsiveness. More grip. More confidence. 

This kit includes our front upper control arms, front compression rod bearings (V2), rear toe arms, stainless steel brake lines, and 2 bottles of Pagid high-temperature brake fluid. 

Included Products

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MPP Front Upper Control Arms

MPP Front Lower Compression Rod Bearings

MPP Rear Toe Arms

MPP Stainless Steel Brake Lines

Pagid High Temp Brake Fluid

About MPP Sport Level 2

The Level 2 upgrade kit brings you to an entirely connected front suspension – all of the rubber bushings are removed. Any darting or uncertainty during braking or deceleration is totally eliminated. 

Alignment settings are now more adjustable than ever – with front camber and caster now being adjustable, as well as gaining the added benefit of precise and repeatable rear toe adjustments. You or your mechanic can easily and quickly dial in different rear toe settings to fine-tune the handling characteristics of the car, and be able to go back to baseline any time as desired.

Our stainless steel brake lines are provided to further improve feedback between the brakes and the driver, along with the required high-temperature brake fluid you’ll need to flush the system after swapping the lines.

Further brake upgrades are always suggested, but as we have so many different braking options we don’t include those as a package. For track driving or aggressive-spirited driving, we recommend our 2-pc lightweight rotors and Pagid brake pads. For serious track work, our big brake kits are certainly worth a look as they are some of the highest performing and best value kits available. 

Camber Adjustable Front Upper Control Arms for Tesla Model 3 & Y

Original price was: $1,190.00.Current price is: $1,142.40.

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Arastradero Rear Toe Arms for Model 3 & Y

Caster Adjustable Compression Rod Bearings for Tesla Model 3/Y Version 2

Page Mill Stainless Steel Brake Lines for Tesla Model 3/Y

Original price was: $155.00.Current price is: $148.80.

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Pagid RBF Racing Brake Fluid × 2

Original price was: $28.00.Current price is: $26.88. each

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In Stock

Original price was: $2,251.00 – $2,321.00.Current price is: $2,160.96 – $2,228.16.

What Do Our Customers Think?

“This car was a beast before the camber arms were installed, and an absolute monster after the arms were installed.

Once I was able to dial in -2 degrees of camber up front, the car had noticeably less understeer. This is very evident in my autocross runs, where this car tends to push the front end through certain corners. No more pushing! The best part about these arms (besides having the ability to adjust camber, and the beautiful color) is the ease of adjusting camber. It’s so simple!

No noticeable difference in regular street driving, other than knowing I won’t chew up the outer edges of my tires while cornering in a spirited manner… A must buy!”


“Purchased this along with the camber arms and made rear alignment a cinch. Could totally dial in toe and camber as I wanted. Initial set up was relatively mild, so I came back and had them fix it – super easy. They are beautiful to boot. Win win!”

Anthony Tran

“Have installed the MPP Master Cylinder Brake Brace and now these MPP SS brake lines with castrol SRF brake fluid and the pedal feel is much tighter. Has more bite and force especially at lower speeds. At the faster speeds end, it slows the car a little more easily and instills a little more confidence. Looking to add the BBK rotor kit as well. Jesse is hands down the best customer service I’ve seen. Instant responses usually and always ensures YOU are of primary importance and not MPP. I cant wait to have more upgrades coming in!”

Michael Liles

“My only complaint about these toe arms (and camber arms) is that I cannot show off how gorgeous they are, being tucked away behind the wheel / brake rotors. I cannot help but admire them every time I make adjustments to the damping settings on my coilovers.

Simple install, quality is top notch, no deterioration whatsoever after a winter season, allows for correction of toe and camber following a reduction of ride height.

Thank you MPP!”

Eric Wei