MSI “Give Me The Ugga-Duggas” 19mm Hex Lug Nuts (Set Of 20)


Proper motorsport lug nuts.

Lug nuts by MSI – the company behind the wheel studs used by top NASCAR and IMSA teams at the highest level of motorsport.

  • 19mm Hex Drive
  • 10 grams lighter per nut versus OEM
  • Dry-film coating to protect the studs
  • Manganese Phosphate coating
  • Made in the USA
  • Not for use in winter climates with road-salt

Fits these vehicles: Model 3, Model Y, Model S, Model X

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The OEM Tesla lug nuts are actually great – a relatively lightweight open-ended design with a wheel-protecting “acorn” design. The only downside to them really is that they use a 21mm hex which is too large for many wheel applications. If you can fit the OEM lug nuts, they aren’t a bad option at all!

However, if you want something different, or you need that 19mm hex drive, these MSI nuts are a great option. They are coated in the same dry-film lubricant that our MPP.R MSI wheel studs are, so they are designed to be easy on studs and can handle all of the abuse you can throw at them. These lug nuts are literally designed for use in GT4 racing applications where tire changes are done in seconds. No need to be delicate. Throw all the ugga-duggas you want at these nuts to get them off.


Everything you need, nothing you don’t.

Lug nuts are something the automotive aftermarket likes to make a big deal of. The reality is, saving a few grams on titanium lug nuts isn’t going to make a noticeable or even measurable difference to the way your car drives. The weight difference is simply too small, and the change in moment of inertia is almost nothing as the nuts are so close to the axle. There is a reason that basically all professional motorsport teams use steel lug nuts (on non-single lug applications). That being said, these lug nuts are still 10 grams lighter per nut (about 25% lighter), despite being steel!

Lug nuts go on and off your car regularly. In fact, they are the most commonly installed and removed fastener on your car. For that reason, you want something that isn’t too delicate and costly to replace down the road. To match our offering of wheel studs, spacers, and wheels, we wanted to offer a high-quality motorsport lug nut that you can abuse without worry, and replace without breaking the bank.

What’s Included:

  • 20x lug nuts for a complete car.

Coating Notice:

These lug nuts are coated with a Manganese Phosphate coating, which has lubrication and anti-galling properties which are desirable characteristics for a lug nut that is seeing frequent and fast wheel removal/installation. However, Manganese Phosphate coating is not impervious to extended exposure to salt, so if you’re using your car in a winter-climate that is exposed to salt, or if you’re very close to the sea, expect surface corrosion on the nuts after a year or more.

motorsport lug nut for tesla model 3


Additional information

Hex Size


Thread Pitch



OE: 46 grams, MSI: 36 grams


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