Pagid RBF Racing Brake Fluid


A great cost-effective racing brake fluid with a very high dry boiling point, ideal for those who bleed their brakes often!

For brake fluid flushes, we recommend purchasing at least 2 bottles. Three bottles are even better so that you have a spare on hand for future bleeding.

Pagid has recently released a new, cost-effective racing brake fluid with a very high dry boiling point. It is the ideal fluid to be used for those who flush their brake fluid regularly.

  • Very High Dry Boiling Point
  • Cost-Effective For Frequent Flushes


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We’re happy to offer Pagid Racing Brake Fluid directly from MPP! As you all know, racing brake fluid is a requirement for a high-power car. Boiling brake fluid is not a good time, and can result in a brake pedal that is very long, or in extreme cases, not there at all. At MPP, we’ve decided to offer two different types of brake fluid based on how often you plan to flush your brake fluid. When brake fluid absorbs water, its boiling point drops drastically. So if you’re planning to change your fluid often, it makes sense to use a cost-effective fluid with a high boiling temperature. If you are the type that wants to “set it and forget it” in a sense, then it makes sense to use a fluid with the highest possible wet boiling point. To learn more about different types of brake degradation, and how this can be avoided, please see our article here.

MPP Recommended Brake Fluid Boiling Points:

Pagid Racing Brake Fluid: Dry: 626F (330C) / Wet: 392F (200C) Castrol SRF: Dry: 617F (325C) / Wet: 518F (270C)

Our recommendation is that if you’re flushing the multiple times per year, the Pagid fluid is the way to go. If you’re going to flush the fluid only once every 18 months to 2 years, the SRF is the fluid of choice. At that point, especially in a humid environment, the fluid will have absorbed a significant amount of water and the “wet” boiling point will be a more accurate representation of the performance you can expect.

Pagid Racing Brake Fluid:

The dry boiling point of 330C is exceptionally high. In addition to the exceptionally high dry boiling point, the Pagid RBF maintains excellent viscosity, lubricity, and compressibility performance at extreme temperatures. Pagid recommends changing the brake fluid before each race. This is especially important in extremely high load applications (Plaid), or in humid environments.


  • Store brake fluid only in its approved original container
  • Dispose of used brake fluid responsibly
  • Keep brake fluid clean and dry


  • Size: 0.5L (Metal Can)
  • Dry Boiling Point: 330C / 626F
  • Wet Boiling Point: 200C / 392F
  • Approved Ambient Temperature Range: -40C to 60C
  • Color: Straw Yellow

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Dry Boiling Point

330C / 626F

Wet Boiling Point

200C / 392F


Straw Yellow


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