Triple L Ride Height Adjustment Kit For Rivian R1T / R1S


We have a few more kits available for order!

Fine-tune your Rivian’s ride height to your personal taste

If you’re looking to adjust your Rivian’s ride height – up, down, or level – this is the perfect part for you!

  • Designed and CNC machined and anodized here in Canada
  • Super duper space age unobtanium aerospace aluminum (actually 6061-T6 is really quite common)
  • Ability to lift/lower/level your Rivian in 4mm increments
  • Allows for the ability to raise above or lower below the factory heights (use at your risk)
  • Make adjustments in minutes without even removing your wheels
  • Improve ride quality in “Low” ride height by fine-tuning bump stop engagement
  • Level the vehicle while towing and quickly set back when your trip is complete
  • Slam the vehicle for car shows, or lift it extra high for the ultimate off-road ability
  • Lift the vehicle slightly in standard mode to fit taller tires

Fits these vehicles: Rivian R1T, Rivian R1S

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MPP’s First Rivian product! Lower / Lift / Level the ride height of your R1T or R1S!

We’re proud to announce our first product for Rivians – a platform we have totally fallen in love with since receiving our truck in January. We hope these ride height adjustment “Triple-L’s” will bring you some fun tinkering and adjusting your R1T to your heart’s content.

Our first beta test has received a positive response and we now have released a few more kits available before a larger production run is started. Thank you all who’ve ordered and thank you for your feedback!

Here you can see our “Triple-L” kit used with our new MPP “Mega Terra” wheels for the Rivian. How tough does this truck look!?

Concept and design:

As with most vehicles equipped with air suspension, it is possible to fine-tune the ride height by manipulating the lengths of the linkage or position of the sensor. These are known as “drop links” or “lowering links.” When it comes to the Rivian R1 series, the “links” are quite difficult to access, specifically at the rear of the vehicle. In addition, as these vehicles are often used for off-road adventures, some consideration needs to be made for a robust and easy-to-adjust product even in less-than-ideal conditions.

Our goal was to produce something a little bit different than the standard fixed-length or adjustable links, and we devised a clever solution by utilizing the brackets Rivian uses to attach the lowering links to the suspension arms.

Our revised adjusters (which can also be called chess pawns, or “Triple-Ls” – as they allow you to Lift, Lower or Level your truck) use a unique design that hasn’t existed before as far as we can tell. The “chess pawn” (if you will) slides up and down. Laser-etched markings indicate the position of the “pawn” with 1mm increments – which equates to around 5-6mm increments of ride height adjustment.

The front adjuster is not very accessible, so we designed slots and special stainless steel adjusting keys that allow for precise adjustments without the ability to see. We also include new 10mm hex head hardware, making it easy to loosen and adjust the LLLs. You’ll thank us after removing the OEM hardware!

The adjusters are designed to easily come apart, with grooves allowing the use of a small screwdriver to open them up and wash them out after years of hard use. Being anodized aluminum they won’t suffer from much corrosion, so they should last an extremely long time.

Rivian lowering links showing rivian lift kit and lowering


Adjustability and use:

The kit allows for up to a 4mm sensor offset up and down from standard. This works out to around +/- 25mm up and down from standard, however, at the lowest and highest settings, the differences are smaller, most likely because the Rivian has upper and lower pressure thresholds for the air springs.

The kit can be used in different ways, to solve different problems or address different needs. For example, you could use the “LLLs” to:

Level the vehicle and improve ride quality:

Rivian leveling kit for air suspension by MPP

From the factory, the R1T has significant rake. This doesn’t look great (in our opinion), and it also makes for very poor ride quality in “Low” or “Lowest”. When in Low or Lowest, very little suspension travel is left before harsh bump stop engagement occurs, however, the rear has more travel. This results in a jarring feeling at the front of the vehicle of bumps, and then a rocking motion as the rear suspension compresses far more than the front.

By lifting the front of the vehicle with the adjusters and lowering the rear slightly, the truck looks way better and rides way better!

Lift the vehicle in standard mode:

Rivian lift kit

In “High” and “Highest” there are speed limits applied. With this kit, you can raise the vehicle slightly without worrying about speed limits, perhaps a good option for those running taller tires.

Keep in mind that Rivian put these speed limits into place for a reason (most likely to protect wear against CV joints/axles), and you’re electing to bypass them if you run above Standard height at high speed. Don’t expect Rivian to warranty your axles if you run the vehicle this way and then have an axle go bad down the road!

Lower the vehicle in “low” or “lowest” mode:

Rivian lowering air suspension

If you just want to drive around with the lowest possible settings and don’t care about ride quality, this one might be for you. Keep in mind that you’ll be running the vehicle below what Rivian intended, and wear on the bump stops will increase.

Add additional rake so that the truck is level while towing:

Rivian leveling for towing

The Rivian seems to sag while towing trailers with heavy tongue weights, so adding some offset in the levelling links can help to compensate for this. Keeping the truck level will likely also improve aerodynamics, something that is useful, towing or not!

Or however else you’d like:

The adjusters offer the resolution and granularity to set the ride height however you’d like. Whether you want the standard height to be a bit higher or lower, or more level, or reverse rake – you can adjust it. Keep in mind that like other air-drop kits, headlight levelling will be affected by overall changes to the rake, so try to keep the platform level.

What’s Included:

  • 4x “LLL” Ride Height Adjusting Assemblies
  • 4x Mounting Bolts
  • 4x Adjusting Keys with MPP lanyard
  • 1x Tube of lube – for ride height adjuster use only!

Installation Details:

Installation can be completed in around 30 minutes to 1 hour by an experienced technician. Your first time will likely take closer to two hours. The work can be done on a hoist or on the ground with the wheels on. Required parts for installation include a heat gun or blow-dryer, torx Allen key, 10mm wrench. Plastic trim removal tools are a good idea but not needed.

Installation Instructions HERE

Additional information

Maximum Lift

25-30 mm above OE (605mm F / 605mm R hub-fender)

Maximum Lowering

10-15mm below OE (420mm F / 440mm R hub-fender)


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