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The ultimate in street and track performance. 

We’re extremely excited to bring you our jointly developed MPP / KW Tesla Model 3 Sports Coilovers. A partnership between MPP and KW Suspensions, we have designed the very coilovers we dreamed of. We had the opportunity to work with a number of different suspension manufacturers but went with KW as they have always been the damper of choice for us on road cars. Incredible ride quality, huge adjustment range and built for the long haul. We’ve developed these dampers on some of the best roads in the country, and we can assure you that these coilovers exceed the quality and performance of anything even remotely close in cost.

  • Specially designed to provide the highest quality driving experience, no drawbacks such as a harsh ride or noises.
  • Rebound adjustable, with significant and noticeable changes with every click. Unlike some adjustable coilovers that claim to have many clicks or a wide adjustment range, these coilovers have true motorsport damper technology and the adjustment in the low speed range is over 300%!
  • Compression adjustable, with significant and noticeable changes with every click. Full soft to full stiff compression is over 350% difference in forces at some damper speeds.
  • Spring rates designed for sports road driving. With the compression and rebound adjustment turned down the ride is more comfortable than OEM suspension.
  • Height adjustable from 10mm below factory ride height down to 60mm below factory.
  • Stainless steel bodies for optimal corrosion resistance and durability
  • Progressive bump rubbers tuned to engage only in the most aggressive compressions while keeping the chassis composed.
  • Utilize the OEM upper hats for minimum NVH transmitted into the cabin. No spherical bearings to clunk and transmit road noise!
  • Bolt-in installation. A competent shop can have these coilovers installed in 3.5 hours.
  • TUV Approved for use in countries which require documentation

Fits these vehicles: Model 3 Dual Motor, Performance, Performance w/ PUO

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2024 Update – This Kit Is Now TUV Approved!

We designed our Sports Tesla Model 3 Coilovers for AWD & Performance to offer a huge range of height adjustability with significantly more suspension travel than stock. MPP worked jointly with KW Suspension to develop this suspension system. KW is one of the leading aftermarket performance and racing suspension suppliers in the world. They are a go-to pick for those that own European sports and luxury cars.

An aftermarket suspension can make or break the enjoyment of a vehicle. Unfortunately for Model 3 owners, the car is very high from the factory. It runs into the bump stops over just about any bump. They are always engaged once a car has been lowered on springs. This means that you must change the dampers (also called shock absorbers) when lowering the car to allow for a compliant chassis over bumps. This is also necessary to avoid damaging the vehicle when driving aggressively. The bump rubber can only compress so much before it becomes effectively solid. Repeated extreme impacts cause damage to the top mounts and put unnecessary shock through the entire vehicle. It can also upset the platform when driving at the limit.


Factory Ground Clearance (19″ Wheels, Non-Performance):

Front: 150mm
Rear: 145mm

* As Model 3 production evolves we have seen different cars be slightly different heights. You can measure the ground clearance of your car if you’re trying to determine exactly how much you can lower your car with our coilovers, but as a guide you could get the car far lower than you should ever run it. In our testing we found 110mm front and rear is a very driveable height. That is our recommended ride height.

MPP Coilover Range:

Front: 100mm – 140mm
Rear: 100mm – 140mm


We spent 10 days in California with a Model 3 testing and developing our Coilovers on some of the best roads in North America. We’ve driven over harsh roads, smooth roads, mountain roads and everything in between. The Coilovers are tuned for the sporting canyon carver that doesn’t want to sacrifice ride quality in the quest for sports car handling. We developed our Sports Tesla Model 3 Coilovers for AWD & Performance both on the road and also on the racetrack. We set the fastest lap in class at Global Time Attack, a low 1:59, and we did it on the same tire compound as stock!

Details for Sports Tesla Model 3 Coilovers for AWD & Performance

This suspension kit is rebound and compression adjustable, and every click makes a distinct and significantly noticeable difference. Unlike some dampers on the market that advertise themselves as “adjustable”, our dampers can more than triple the rebound forces from full soft to full stiff in the low speed range. Low speed means low damper shaft speed, everything other than large bumps in the road. See the graph below to understand the actual difference in adjustment range. For your reference, 20-50mm/sec is what you feel when turning the steering wheel – this represents chassis motion. 300mm/sec and up are fairly decent size bumps.

With the rebound and compression turned up, these dampers are suitable for the racetrack for HPDEs and lapping days. When turned down, they actually produce less forces than OE dampers. You’ll be amazed at the difference from full soft to full stiff.

Our suspension system utilizes the factory rear spring mounting location as designed by Tesla. While it is likely that some other coilover manufacturers will take the easy path and put the spring on the rear damper, the upper parcel shelf was never designed to carry the entire vehicle load. The chassis rigidity simply isn’t there, not to mention the NVH concerns.

Sports Coilovers for Tesla Model 3 AWD/Performance


This suspension kit comes with a 2-year warranty (void with track-use, as is KW policy). Installation is very straight forward and you can find the documentation and setup instructions here. The OEM top-hats are re-used and as such a spring compressor is required to disassemble the factory front dampers. Nothing on the car needs to be permanently modified or damaged for installation.

If you’re interested in also purchasing our suspension arms as a package with the coilovers, please message us for a discount code!

Installation instructions HERE

Selecting The Suspension Kit That Is Best For You:

As we now have a number of suspension options – we’ve created a graph to help visualize the pros and cons of the different kits. If you don’t plan on ever tracking, the comfort or comfort adjustable kit is likely the best option. For those who care more about a sporty drive and will hit the track but aren’t taking it too seriously, the sports kit is exactly what you’re after. If you are getting serious about track duty, the sport kit with super sport springs will help. If you’re building a racecar with your Model 3, then the competition kit is the only suitable option.

Coilover Chart for Tesla Model 3

Installation Instructions HERE


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19 reviews for Sports Tesla Model 3 Coilovers for AWD & Performance

  1. iarciaga

    I love to take my 2018 Model 3 Dual Motor LR to the track at least once a month to do hot laps. After a while I started noticing my lap times weren’t improving. I had already owned a few MPP upgrades and a set of AWD Coilovers from a competing brand.At the time, I figured I had reached my Model 3’s limitation. That all changed when a good friend of mine that had MPP AWD Sport Coilovers installed in his Model 3 asked me to be his passenger in one of his track sessions. I was so impressed,I ended up buying MPP’s AWD Sport Coilovers to replace the coilovers I already owned for less than a year from the competing brand. I realized I had already outgrown them.

    Once I received my new set of MPP AWD Sport Coilovers, I proceeded to install them myself in preparation for the Tesla Corsa Challenge #7 event at Buttonwillow Raceway Park. I was blown away by the performance from the MPP Coilovers on the morning of the event! My 2nd hot lap of the day resulted in beating my previous best lap time by 5 seconds, while still on MPP’s recommended street settings! Then 2 months later I beat my previous best lap time again at Tesla Corsa Challenge #8 by being the first (and currently the only) Model 3 Dual Motor LR to achieve a sub-2min lap time of 1:59.6!

    There are other awesome MPP upgrades I have installed in my car worth mentioning, but out of all the upgrades I have purchased so far, the MPP AWD Sport Coilovers has made the biggest impact on me. It has unlocked a whole new level of performance on the race track for my Model 3 Dual Motor LR. If you’re seeking additional performance and comfort for the street AND also want the capability to be competitive on the race track, you will not find another set of coilovers at the same price point equalling MPP’s quality, customer service, performance and R&D experience.

    Save yourself some time and money by buying once, not twice like I did.

    Isaac Arciaga
    Instagram: @izetm3

  2. SD_Engnr

    Coupled with the MPP rear toe, and rear camber arms, I shaved 10 seconds off my lap times at Buttonwillow Raceway Park (CW13). Even if I’m too lazy to switch back to “street” setting (which is every time), the street-ability of these coilovers is amazing.

    Adjusting them can be tough, but it’s not impossible. Support is amazing from team MPP!

  3. Gehad Alhundi

    Love these coilovers! The best thing I purchased for my Performance Model 3 and I would highly recommend. I even installed them myself in my garage without issue. Super clean install! And even better performance!

  4. Arjay De Guzman

    Great performance improvement. Went on to a canyon ride and was amazed on how the ride went, the handling, cornering and everything. I highly recommend this product. My wife ended up getting the comfort coilovers for her M3 (since she doesn’t go to the track). Shout out to Jesse Tong for a superb customer service.

  5. abhi89vt

    Handling is much improved from stock, I have had these on for about 1 year now, no complaints. I have driven my car in all weather conditions, you name it and never had a squeak or any rattle for that matter. And most importantly, the customer service from Jesse is top notch.

  6. Douglas Watt

    Worth every penny. Very high-quality kit as one would expect from both Mountain Pass and KW. Relatively easy install with good instructions, and excellent range of adjustment both in terms of ride height and shock Behavior. After install the ride is actually somewhat better even set rather firm, and the handling is just transformed. Last but not least you can expect mountain pass to stand behind and service with Integrity everything that they sell. This is the best suspension kit on the market for the Model 3.

  7. smoked_g60

    This is an amazing kit and I am highly impressed with both the compliance when turned down and the firm feel when turned up.

    I bought these along with camber arms, and lower control arms and the car which was already a sensitive is now telepathic and tells you exactly what the road is doing. I had mine installed at The Driveway in San Jose, and they did an amazing job for me.

  8. Stephen LaFrance

    This upgrade is well worth the money paid… the handling is by far the best of any car I’ve owned with unbelievable ride quality. I have to say the guys at MPP have were there for my every step of the way, answering any and all questions- they go above and beyond to help out and provide great insight.

  9. wilmer

    Swapping out the OEM suspension to the MPP Sport Coilovers made the ride of my Model 3 so much better. It was great to learn that MPP’s coilovers is different from KW’s version for Model 3 – spring & range of the strut. Having the height adjustability and dials for rebound & compression – allow me to to set the suspension for the season. For the ski season, I throw on my 18’s with winter rated tires and raise the car to OEM height ~28″ (fender to ground) and soften the ride – which gets me through the snow in my neighborhood. For the rest of the year, I throw on my 20″ roadster-style wheels, lower it down to 26.5″ and stiffen it up. Lowered cars require more attention around speed bumps and driveways, but when it does accidentally scrape, it’s good to know that only the side skirts are getting the rub; the battery casing is untouched. Also, I have to mention the support I have received from MPP (i.e.: Jesse) is above-and-beyond. You give him a description of a noise, he can diagnose it over the phone and tell you what to do! That just shows the experience he has with suspension and Teslas. Amazing product with excellent support – you can’t ask for anymore.

  10. chrisshieldsmith

    Wow! I have had these shocks on my daily-driven M3 Stealth for three weeks now. I cannot say enough good things about them – The quality is amazing and they just work great. The adjustments make a huge difference and I have noticed that in the softer settings, the car feels very comfortable on the road – In the firmer settings, it seriously transforms the car. I compete in Autocross and in my first event with the new setup, I was able to set the fastest raw time and fastest index time …At a location I usually struggle at. I have settled in around 110mm of ground clearance which seems to be practical around town/on the road and in competition (though my competition tires probably bring it to ~105). I’ve also been pleased with the technical support provided by MPP – top notch. I just can’t say enough good things about this product and company.

  11. lawrencepkao

    I paired the Sports coilovers with lower control arm bearings, so I can’t completely isolate the effect it had on the car’s steering feel. So I’ll just comment what I think the coilovers have done.

    Oh man. I was so glad I got these. I only have garage space for one car, and street parking in my neighborhood is a pain. So I got this to make my daily driver the fun car I wish it was.

    This gives the Model 3 the suspension it should have came with if Tesla really wanted to put in the effort to tune their suspension. It feels BMW M Sport-esque, but a bit sportier. I currently have it set at default recommendations: 12compression/10 rebound and I think the ride quality is way better than stock. All the crashiness is gone. The chassis feels solid. There is just a slight amount of body roll before the car plants and digs in. TBH, I can probably get away with one click stiffer and still be comfortable on crappy Bay Area roads.

    One rough patches of freeways, the small imperfections are absorbed, but you still know they are there. Speed bumps and potholes are not an issue. (I will note that I kept max/stock ride height as my driveway is transition is too steep. I also have 18″ wheels with Michellin PS4S tires.)

    Conclusion: These coilovers were one of the biggest missing pieces to really make the Model 3 a great car. It finally has the suspension to match the power and weight.

  12. jim42090

    These coilers are exceptional! They are currently on my 2018 M3P and ride excellent for street use. From the factory, the M3P performs well but its suspension could do a bit better. These coilers are the solution to anyone who has OEM Model 3 suspension woes. It drastically corrects the stock car’s turn in dip and sloppiness and makes the M3P the sport suspension feel that was missing from factory. I currently have my dampers set at 14 F/R compression and 10 F/R rebound for street use and it rides slightly stiffer than stock and absorbs street/highway bumps better than stock.

    When shopping for suspension upgrades for the vehicle, I debated between springs, MPP comfort coilovers and these. Ultimately, for the price, you cannot beat the ability to fine tune your car’s suspension with these and I highly recommend spending a bit more to not possibly have ‘what if’ doubts of going with lowering springs or not being able to adjust dampening levels.

    All in all, MPP delivers excellent high quality aftermarket products to Tesla enthusiasts in an EV industry that is booming.

  13. rav7ks

    Phenomenal coilovers which make the car much more alive. The drop is just right with the recommended settings and I have no issues with speedbumps.
    The suspension absorbs road imperfections much better and feels controlled whilst planted. There is absolutely no squeaks or rattles with this set up and noise and vibrations are not an issue. It definitely takes the performance up several levels.

  14. elkoubo

    This is the best improvement i did on my TM3 !

    It gets like more light in the curves still comfortable at low speed, and real surgery when getting faster. The car seems to be stronger and more precise, not like a tired elephant anymore.
    I didn’t play so much with the setting, lowered 20mm from factory, and followed what MPP recommended me, for driving in the Swiss alps daily.

    After 40’000km, i noticed that it setteled i bit too much, but easiliy trimmed it this weekend, putting back 6mm up.

    Installation took me 8h, by installing at the same time the rear toe arms, the FUCA, and rear camber arms.

    Definiteliy recommend this product.

  15. RS

    My favorite addition to the car. I have now driven the coilovers for over 1 year, and have gone through 1 Canadian winter and there is no rust/corrosion/issues. If you live in places where there is snow and salt, only buy the adjustable versions since they are stainless steel and have the special corrosion coating. In terms of adjustability, it’s perfect. The car feels much more sporty and has almost no body roll when paired with sway bars. This is the biggest thing the car was lacking from stock.

  16. gstrom00

    This is my 2nd set of aftermarket coilovers for my 2019 Model 3 AWD. I ran with a set of race coilovers from a competitor for a year. After getting my teeth rattled out, I eventually switched to a set of MPP Sport Coilovers. This is what I should of got originally. On recommended street settings the ride is slightly firmer than stock, but handles much better. The OEM suspension is soft, but recoils excessively back and forth absorbing a bump making handling almost scary at higher speeds. The MPP Sport coilovers absorb bumps once and stop the oscillations without being too harsh. Handling is very compliant and confidence inspiring even at 80+ mph. I recommend stiffer sway bars as a compliment to this upgrade. I feel like you can have your cake and eat it too with these sport coilovers. Comfortable while providing much better handling. Tesla’s come from the factory with great motors and power, upgrade the suspension to match!

  17. Rudolph Xu

    Phenomenal product! This kit makes the car sportier and more comfortable at the same time. The model 3 has good powertrain but the suspension is lackluster. This kit gives you the confidence when you throw your car into a corner or going over bad pavement. The difference is night and day. I had these mounted for almost a year now. Whenever I ride with someone in their Tesla I wish I was in my own car haha.

  18. Matt Wilde

    The car stock felt sloppy in turns and ride quality was meh at best. Coming out of an AWD BMW sedan and into a stock model 3 was painful. I missed the sounds of the motor and the handling. Only thing I got with the model 3 was speed in a straight line which gets boring. Was poking around and wanted to make sure I got something that gave me the performance boost the car so desperately needed without making the wife and baby miserable on daily rides. Then, Mountain Pass Performance entered the chat. I had some questions on the products and their support team quickly responded with way more detail than I could have ever anticipated. Now having all this knowledge, I knew this was the coilover set for me. Quickly bolted right into the car with no headaches or alignment issues. The install was super straight forward and included very detailed install instructions. The coils are gorgeous and super well made. Slapped them into the car and man did they make a difference. I tried them in the full sport setting for all 4 corners on rebound and dampening and it was a smoother ride than stock. Now comes the cornering. Oh boy the handling. Night and day transformation on how the car feels and drives. My confidence in the car greatly increased in turns, on less than stellar roads and even the occasional dirt road. Definitely worth every single dollar spent and then some. Honestly, these coils have brought back the fun of driving and is the only reason I still have the car today.

  19. chris.penrose

    I love the acceleration on my Model 3 Stealth Performance, but with stock suspension, driving on winding hills was not the great experience it should be.
    I fitted Eibach Pro Plus Kit (lowering springs and sway bars). The car looked good, but the handling was, on average, worse. Particularly on corners with bumps. I was also getting annoyed with the limitations of ground clearance. It varied between 111 to 115mm.
    I fitted the MPP front lower control arm solid bearings and MPP front compression rod inserts. Instant improvement to cornering precision. Magic :).
    I ordered and fitted the MPP Comfort Adjustable Coilovers. Initially set to recommended compression / rebound and 138mm ride height (same as the new Highland Model 3).
    I removed the Eibach Sway bars and reverted to Tesla standard.
    Looks great and more importantly hill drives are amazing. Confidence inspiring, just fells right, how far can I push this…
    Love it.

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