Scott’s Hill Climb Model 3

California, USA

Scott is using his Model 3 for one of it’s most ideal use cases – hill climbing. This is a super exciting (and a bit dangerous!) form of motorsport that is very popular in Europe, but which also has a decent grassroots participation in North America. The Model 3 is so ideal because the strong all-wheel-drive system and instant torque make for phenomenal acceleration, the MPP-equipped suspension is a significant strong point, and not running at high speeds means the power output doesn’t taper off so there is always ~500 horsepower on tap.

As a result of this, and due to Scott’s driving abilities – he has won a number of local hill climbs. Check out the video below to see just how exciting a hill climb event is. Congratulations Scott on your achievements, we’re sure there are more wins to come!

We love seeing our products being used in this way. Keep up the awesome work Scott, and thanks for choosing MPP. We’re sure you’re convincing a number of your competitors to consider electric vehicles for their next purchase!