Thank you for ordering our MPP aluminum skid plate! Installation of this skid plate is very straight forward, so you’ll be protected in no time.


Installation Instructions:

Time Required: 0.75 hours
Tools Required: Common metric wrench and ratchet set, Blue Loctite, Anti-seize.
Difficulty Level: 1/10

Step 1 – Jack Car

  • Jack up the front of the car as high as you can, or ideally use a hoist.
  • Secure the car on jack stands, or with a locking jack.


Step 2 – Remove OE Undertray

  • Remove the OEM undertray. Leave the center bolt for last to make removal easier.


Step 3 – Install Bumper + Spacer Studs

  • Thread in the supplied bumper to the center mounting bolt hole as shown in the picture below. This allows the skid plate some cushion when contacting objects.
  • Apply blue Loctite to the supplied threaded spacers and install them to the OEM compression rod studs and tighten to 33 lb-ft.

Step 4 – Install Skid Plate

  • This step is easier with a helper or stand to support the skid plate.
  • Apply anti-seize to all of the threads and under the heads of the stainless steel hardware to prevent galvanic corrosion. 
  • Using the supplied hardware, install the front bolts on the skid plate, but leave them loose.
  • Slide the small aluminum spacers above of the skidplate. It helps to then insert the bolts through so that the spacers will stay lined up as you raise the plate into place.
  • Install the supplied stainless-steel M10 button-head bolts to the rear outside holes.
  • Once all of the bolts are hand tight, you can tighten them all.

That’s it, you’re done! Have fun and don’t get too carried away now!

Check out this installation video from one of our good friends and customer, Chris!