We’re giving away a free solar system! Well – not the entire solar system that orbits our star, but a roof-mounted solar system. It may sound crazy, but sponsoring an MPP customer with a solar roof is a way that we can directly invest in renewable technology. We’re looking to put the solar on a roof located in one of the most carbon-intensive areas in the United States or Canada – this is an effort to reduce carbon emissions first and foremost. There are some requirements though, so read on if you’re interested!

At MPP we’ve been very fortunate to have some success with our performance parts, and it has always been our goal to invest a portion of our profits to try to help with the climate change issue we all collectively face. I feel we are now at a place where most governments are on board and we all know which direction we need to move in, and what is needed is just a massive amount of action in terms of getting off of fossil fuels.

Unlike when donating to charities, giving away a solar roof to one of our MPP customers is a way that we can have 100% effectiveness for our dollar, short of installing the solar on your roof ourselves! There are no admin or advertising costs! And of course if we get a little bit of marketing value that can’t hurt!

Tesla Model 3 infront of a building with a solar roof installed

We are asking for complete applications, and will then pick from the best one based on the following criteria:

  • Carbon reduction per dollar spent – so if you’re located in an area with high renewable grid energy already it may not be worth applying – you can find out approximately how clean your grid is here: https://www.epa.gov/egrid/data-explorer
  • Systems over 5kW only – below 5kW the economies of scale aren’t really there
  • South facing, mostly un-shaded roofs, again for the first point of maximum Carbon reduction per dollar spent
  • A recipient who lives a low-carbon lifestyle and is actively trying to reduce their carbon footprint. Because this will act as an investment multiplier – if you inspire and motivate others to drive an EV and install a solar roof, that has a huge impact on our return on investment.


You must already be a Mountain Pass customer (as of June 1st, 2021). We’re quite sure it would be illegal to allow entry to this giveaway if you bought something from us only to be entered. The intention is only to give a solar roof away to a REAL MPP customer, not one that is only buying something to get a possible solar roof.

The system must be connected to the grid in a net-metering capacity, and must not be clipped/shunted. In other words – the system must always be outputting its total power potential.

You must still own a Tesla or other electric vehicle as your primary car, and you must be actively trying to reduce your carbon footprint.

You agree to maintain the system and keep it operational for the life of the system. You agree to let us publicly shame you if you fail to maintain the system and keep it online.

You agree to send us periodic updates with how the system is performing, allowing us to analyze our return on investment and better optimize the program for the future.

You will only be paid for the system once it is online and producing power – so you’ll have to forward the installers the deposit for the system.

A permit must be applied for and approved within 3 months of the application being approved, otherwise, we will move onto the next applicant.

The system installed and fully functional within an absolute maximum of 6 months of the application being approved. Because climate change isn’t stopping for anyone, we are looking to give this away and get it on a roof fast. Any extensions beyond the 6 months will result in a reduction of the sponsorship by $1000/day until the point where the rebate is gone. Ensure your contractor is aware of this and ask them to guarantee that this will not be a problem so that this risk does not fall on you.

Application Process:

The application process is fairly simple. We don’t want you to collectively have to put excessive effort into this. I will stress that if you’re in an area with a high carbon electrical grid, it makes sense to apply. People are lazy and I’m sure we won’t get very many applications!

Step 1 – Send us an email to let us know that you’re interested and going to start the application process.
Step 2 – Acquire two quotes to install a solar roof on your home that is over 5kW in size.
Step 3 – Using the application checklist below, send us an email that contains the two quotes, the carbon intensity of your grid, to the best of your ability, along with a Google Maps view of your roof. Include why you think we should select you aside from the output. How will you promote green energy to your community? Do you think you’ll be able to encourage neighbors and friends to also invest in EVs and clean energy generation?

Download the application checklist here

Selection Process:

Applications will be accepted until August 15th. [June 24 UPDATE: Application deadline extended to Aug 15th]

We will select the top three applications based on the cost per unit carbon reduction, and then do our due diligence to ensure the projected energy production and installation costs are accurate, and that the installers are reputable and well-reviewed. From there, assuming we believe the applicant is a real ambassador for clean energy, this application will be selected. If not, we will move down the list.

Installation Process And Payout:

The sponsorship is actually more of a “rebate” if you will. Once you have the system installed and online, we will send a transfer of the full amount of the system. This is a necessity to reduce the risk to us of giving money away only to have a solar system not be installed at all. If requested, we can put the funds in escrow at the expense of the applicant. Any tax implications are your responsibility – we will transfer the full cost of the system including sales tax, but any income/property tax changes will be your responsibility.

What If I Don’t Have A House / I Rent / I’m Not A Customer Yet:

It’s almost impossible to make these types of things 100% perfect, and while we would like this to be totally fair for everyone, the reality is it is simpler and easier for us to give a solar roof away to a homeowner with an open, unobstructed south-facing roof. The goal for us is to just put a solar system on a roof and get it generating electricity as quickly and simply as possible.

If you’re not a customer yet, there’s always a chance that we will do this again in the future, but again as we stressed before we aren’t using this giveaway to gain new customers – rather we feel our customers are already the perfect demographic to be receiving a solar roof as they are generally passionate, early adopters and believe strongly in addressing climate change! So if you’re only going to buy an MPP part to try to get a free roof one day… well you’re likely not the person we’re looking for.

For Most Of You Who Won’t Win:

Of course, the odds are that you will not win. But if you apply, and you get a few solar quotes, keep in mind that this is a great investment. You’re helping the environment, making a statement with clean energy, and financially the payoff is usually less than 10 years. So you can always move forward with a solar roof even if you don’t win!

Thank you all for reading. Please share it around and let’s get this party started! More solar roof sponsorships to come in the coming months and years!