Hello dear MPP friends – it’s an exciting time to be an electric car enthusiast, and it’s tax time. So with that in mind, we’ve decided to have a quick flash sale this weekend to celebrate! What is so exciting? Well – despite all the doom and gloom in the media, some great things are happening: 

Rivian unveiled the new R2 and R3 platforms which look truly stunning. The R3X seems like a modern take on a Lancia Delta Integrale rally car. We love it! In addition, these vehicles will be getting access to Tesla superchargers this month! This is going to be a game changer for those of us who actually want to go places. 

In addition, Porsche just went outrageously fast with their new Taycan Turbo GT at Laguna Seca (we’re happy to report our Hybrid-electric racecar KERS Kels is still about 6 seconds faster!). That does mean – however – that more go-fast parts are needed for your Tesla to keep up!

Finally, if you’re a long time MPP customer, you might remember back to 2020 when SpaceX first launched humans to space. It’s wild that it has been almost 4 years since then, and the launching and landing of astronauts to Space now hardly even makes the news! We still think it is absolutely incredible what a relatively young company has been able to do, and can’t wait to see how Starship does on their third flight test as soon as tomorrow, March 14th!

Here at MPP, we’re not doing anything quite as exciting as launching humans into space or designing new mass-production cars from the ground up, but we have been working on a few new items since our last post.

Our New Rivian / Cybertruck Wheel:

Rivian and Cybertruck off road wheel from MPP

We’ve finished the design phase on our new wheel (yet to be named), and the first prototypes are currently being manufactured by BRAID in Spain. These wheels will be offered for both the Rivian R1T/R1S and Tesla Cybertruck in 20 x 9.5″ sizing. We may also offer a 21″ fitment if there is a demand for that! We wanted to go with a wider wheel to properly support the tire for enhanced steering feedback with minimal aerodynamic impact (as the tire is still wider than the wheel). The offset will be similar to stock, resulting in a wheel that protrudes slightly from original, with the center of the tire remaining in more or less the same position.

As with our Mega Mesh wheels, we plan to offer aero covers for these in the future to help extend highway range. The covers can be removed when it’s time to hit the trails and get dirty!

In addition to our new wheels, we have also started working on some new “quality of life” accessories for the Rivian R1T and R1S. We are looking at things that bothered us after living with the vehicle for some time. It’s a bit too early to share what we’re developing, but I think if you’re an owner you’ll appreciate these small improvements we’re working on! They are all quite minor as the Rivian is such a great platform to start with!

Model 3 Compression Rod Bearing V2:

MPP replacement bearings for front rear lateral link for Tesla Model 3

On the Model 3 side of things, we’ve recently launched our newest compression rod bearing for the front, making a massive upgrade from our original design. These new compression rod bearings are much quieter than the original, and we’ve been durability testing these on a number of cars for over a year. These vehicles have seen racetrack abuse (Model 3 Challenge), thousands upon thousands of road kilometers of driving, and even a near rollover crash in the case of our personal Model 3 “The Future” at Watkins Glen. 

We’ve also put together Sport Upgrade Kit Level 2 for Model 3 owners. This builds on the Level 1 kit, adding in front upper control arms along with this new compression rod bearing, rear toe arms and some brake system improvements. For those of you who are looking to do some track or auto-x work, or if you just want to continue to enhance the responsiveness and grip on your Model 3, the Level 2 kit is worth a look!

Flash Sale Details:

To celebrate the “second wave” of EVs coming, along with the success of SpaceX, we’re happy to announce a flash sale! 8-10% off most IN STOCK MPP products using the coupon codes. Note that once a product goes out of stock the coupon code will no longer work. So place your orders early!

taxtimebillet – 7% discount on all MPP billet aluminum products, MPP 2-pc brake rotors and Pagid brake pads

megamesh – $200 discount on MPP Mega Mesh wheels

handleme – $150 discount on MPP Sports and Comfort Adjustable Coilovers

mppstoptech – $410 off MPP/Stoptech Big Brake Kit for Model 3

mpprearbbk – $240 of our MPP.R Rear Big Brake Kit for Model 3/Y Performance (Brembo rear caliper)

The sale will start Friday March 15 at 9:00 AM EDT, to 11:59PM EDT on Sunday March 17. Orders that are selected to be paid by “Bank Transfer” must be funded by Wednesday, March 20th to receive the sale pricing.  

Note that this sale cannot be applied to items that are currently on sale (such as our Comfort Coilovers), or combined with other offers. Sorry!

If you miss it – you miss it! Be sure to follow us on social meda and check your email subscription to ensure you are notified of future flash sales! Thank you all for your support and encouragement over the years, we’re looking forward to an awesome summer this year. Please send us some photos / videos of what you’re up to with your Tesla, we love to see it!