The new Plaid Model S is sounding like an amazingly fast car, and the Plaid+ sounded like its job was to fill in the rest of the car’s abilities outside pure straight-line acceleration. Now that Elon has announced the Model S Plaid+ is canceled, maybe MPP will have to fill in and round it out?

But please – you tell us! Is there an interest in taking this big Model S on track? It’s always been our mentality that smaller, more agile cars are more fun on track – but with the popularity of cars like the Camaro ZL1 and other BIG cars that are insanely fast on track, perhaps brute force is the way? No doubt a properly setup and tuned Plaid will be faster than the fastest Model 3, as Tesla has already proven.

Tesla Model 3 at Laguna Seca corkscrew
MPP Corkscrew camber arms – named after the highest compression corner in North America where we ran these arms through their paces, and set a new EV Production Lap record doing it!

In case you missed it, we did a rough comparison of our MPP Tuned Model 3 at Laguna Seca against Tesla’s Plaid version (early on when they had done a 1:36), and you can see that most of the gains are in the mega straight-line acceleration. Surely some more chassis tuning and aerodynamics would make a big difference.

Tesla Model S Plaid+ cancelled by Elon Musk

Not to worry – if you all want to hit the track with this car, we’ll make the parts needed to make it enjoyable and durable on the track. It will be a monster no doubt, and we’re excited to see just how fast the community can go with this brute when it is supported with the right chassis and braking components. If you have one on order shoot us an email and let us know your plans with it, we’ll plan to cater our product release based on the needs of the community!

We’re looking forward to seeing you all on track soon, in the meantime we’re still locked in north of the border!