Since we’re all locked away during these crazy times, we decided it would be fun to create the virtual version of a performance Tesla Model 3 equipped with the full line of MPP products. Using the simulator Assetto Corsa, we started with a 3d Model of the Tesla Model 3 and created all of the physics required to match the real life car.

Comparing data from our Buttonwillow and Laguna Seca lap records to data from the simulation, we tuned the physics in the game to match what we have achieved in reality. In the end we have straightaway speeds that are within 1km/h of what a real Performance Model 3 would do on track, and cornering speeds that are within the same window of what we actually measured at Laguna Seca using racing tires. But speeds are just part of the equation – we also had to work really hard to make the car feel and sound like the real thing.

Now we welcome you to try the car for yourself, and join us online in the MPP Assetto Corsa Cup! An online server for this car where we can have fun open lapping sessions, time attacks and even wheel to wheel races!

How To Join

To join all you need to do is download Assetto Corsa, Content Manager and Discord.

Assetto Corsa can be downloaded from Steam. You’ll want a steering wheel if you don’t already have one!

Content Manager is an alternative launcher for Assetto Corsa that gives you some great options to improve the experience of the game. You can find Content Manager here. We also highly recommend the customer shaders patch for the most realistic and immersive visual experience. 

Discord is a hub for gamers and it’s where we will post the download link to the car, the server name and password that you can join at, along with a common chat area and updates!

Here is the link to the Discord channel:

Once you join Discord and introduce yourself, we will share a link for the car download. Simply download, extract, and copy that folder into your Assetto Corsa installation folder. Do not change the name of the folder! The default location path is as follows:

Program Files (x86) > Steam > steamapps > common > assettocorsa > content > cars


Joining The Server

Once you have the car installed and working you’ll be able to join our server (the server will not show up if you don’t have the content installed).

To join, open Content Manager, go to “Online” and search for “mpp”. The server will show up, and you’ll be able to join it!





Date: Saturday June 27th

Track: Brand’s Hatch + Nurburgring

2:30pm – 3:00pm (EDT) – Free Practice

3:00 – 3:10pm (EDT) – Qualifying 1

3:10- 3:20pm (EDT) – Race 1

3:20 – 3:30pm (EDT) – Race 2

3:30 – 4:30pm (EDT) – Nurburgring Party

Future events will be posted here and on Discord!


Round seven was held at Imola, and while it was a very fun track it was new to just about everyone who lives in North America!

Top 5 fastest times from Imola:

  1. Clive Walpole – 1:58.562
  2. Dylan Baker – 1:58.936
  3. Wim Cos – 2:00.164
  4. CAPSLOCKCHAMP – 2:00.330
  5. panoz66 – 2:00.537

Round six was held at our beloved home track of Mosport (now called Canadian Tire Motorsport Park), and we were overjoyed to share our favorite track in the world with all of you! Thanks for coming, it was a great time. We were incredibly impressed with how fast everyone went at this extremely difficult circuit. Incredible!

Top 5 fastest times from Mosport:

  1. Dylan Baker – 1:28.339
  2. GUNG-HO CHANG – 1:28.695
  3. Clive Walpole – 1:28.799
  4. Mike123456789 – 1:29.084
  5. OldandAverage – 1:29.126

Round five at the famous Tsukuba circuit in Japan made for some tight racing, with the tight corners keeping everyone together. Passing was very difficult and there was some carnage!

Top 5 fastest times from Tsukuba:

  1. Clive Walpole – 0:59.466
  2. GUNG-HO CHANG – 0:59.468
  3. Bennet – 0:59.767
  4. Xto – 0:59.776
  5. ZeN~AKAOrangeMango – 0:59.830

Our fourth event at Deep Forest Raceway was incredible, it was full on 90’s nostalgia driving on that classic Gran Turismo track, so kudos to the track designers for bringing such an incredible track to AC. It was so fun driving the Model 3 around that track, and there was a ton of close racing!

Top 5 fastest times from Deep Forest Raceway:

  1. Clive Walpole – 1:17.884
  2. GUNG-HO CHANG – 1:17.889
  3. Bennet – 1:18.897
  4. CAPSLOCKCHAMP – 1:18.898
  5. Tofod_qc – 1:19.161

Our third event was held at the famous Belgian track of Spa-Francohchamps. It was a blast and we all had fun chasing the fast European Tesla owners who were certainly the masters of the track. It was a bit too long for teh Model 3, you could pretty much leave the room and come back before the car came to the end of the straightaway!

Top 5 fastest times from Spa:

  1. Clive Walpole – 2:39.396
  2. Dylan Baker – 2:39.613
  3. box – 2:40.166
  4. Odie – 2:40.774 (Cameron Rogers)
  5. Tofod_qc – 2:41.192

Our second event at Buttonwillow was even wilder than the first! We ran 3 races and each one was more drama-filled than the last, but there was plenty of clean racing and fun. Everyone is having a great time and not taking things too seriously, which is what we love to see!

Top 5 fastest times from BW13:

  1. Clive Walpole – 1:50.942
  2. box – 1:51.763
  3. Bennet – 1:51.771
  4. Isaax – 1:51.927
  5. TheComebackAids – 1:52.378

Congrats to MPP customer Clive for being the fastest at BW!