Tesla’s Model S Plaid is by far the most ambitious vehicle Tesla has developed to date. It has a searing amount of power that carries all the way up to 200mph. Unfortunately, the rest of the platform can feel slightly unfinished and rushed to market. Our long time friends and customers at TeamPGR wanted to enter a Plaid into the One Lap Of America for 2022, and asked us to help accelerate development of the car to turn it into a supercar destroying machine.

The Car:

Our goal with the Model S Plaid.R was to build the ultimate sports sedan. A car that would be comfortable to drive on long trips yet would drive like a racecar when requested. We simply wanted the car to drive the way an MPP tuned Model 3 does – but with 1000+ horsepower. Significant changes were needed to improve the brakes, suspension and perhaps most importantly – the driving engagement and connection with the car.

A mega amount of work went into the development of the Model S Plaid, and these were not simple bolt-on parts that were developed. From the removal of the air suspension, including all of the electronics required to make that happen, to the creation of a fully bolt-on motorsport, carbon vacuum-infused high downforce front splitter with diffuser tunnels, to the fitting of 11.5″ wheels all around – everything on this project was ambitious and aggressive – with the ultimate goal of lap time reduction with no compromise.


MPP’s Tesla Model S Plaid.R has had unprecedented success in its initial outings and competition. On 300 treadwear street tires the car has repeatedly beat purpose built track only supercars on R-compound tires at various events. Despite being early into the development at the time of writing, we are proud to say that the MPP Tesla Model S Plaid.R is incredibly capable.

This Page:

This page is a summary of the development we’ve done and the configuration of the MPP Tesla Model S Plaid.R. Since the car is changing all the time, and we’re always doing new development, we’d recommend checking the blog and our Instagram as well as there is a good chance this page may run out of date.


Speed Academy Coverage Pre 2022 OLOA:

After our shakedown at TMP, prior to handing the car off to Andy and Chad of TeamPGR, we brought it in for a visit to our friends at Speed Academy, where they looked over the changes we’ve made to the car and covered our lap at TMP. 

TeamPGR Introduction Video Prior To One Lap Of America 2022:

A fun video from the guys at Team PGR introducing the car, and the team.

TeamPGR One Lap Of America 2022 Event Win At Nashville Superspeedway

This event was very interesting as it wasn’t a track we suspected the Plaid would be very successful in as Andy had never been there before – and we put a very conservative setup on the car as we weren’t sure how it was going to be on the violent transition between the banking and the infield. 

Mostly due to Andy’s great driving – the Team PGR guys ended up first overall, beating some incredibly stiff competition, including multiple Porsche’s, a McLaren, and a modified Corvette ZL1 with a highly successful professional racing driver behind the wheel.




    Track Alignment:

    • Front Camber: -3.7 °
    • Front Toe: Varies. Generally -2mm total
    • Rear Camber: -3.0 °
    • Rear Toe: Varies. 

      Prototype MPP electronics and MoTeC M150 ECU performing the following functions:

      • Air suspension emulation
      • Brake temperature sensor logging
      • User tuneable power deployment adjustability based on various input factors
      • Modification of UI “Suspension” page to show various data
      • Data logger
      • Custom MPP-designed, Canada-built front splitter/diffuser. Made entirely from carbon fiber, vacuum infused. Bolt-on installation with wheel well tunnels for maximum front downforce
      • DJ Engineering dual-plane wing with significant trunk reinforcement to handle the high loads the wing is capable of producting. This wing is actually borrowed from KERS Kels
      • Schroth quick-fit seatbelts – WARNING at the request of Scroth, DO NOT ATTEMPT
      • Yoke delete / Model 3 steering wheel thanks to Ryan Huber
      • Full interior with nothing removed. At all. 


      • Martian Wheels MW05
      • Front: 20×11.5 +40
      • Rear: 20×11.5 +40


      • Michelin Pilot Sport 4S
      • Front: 315/30/20
      • Rear: 315/30/20