We’re not the types to flood the internet with sales pitches about our products, but we understand that people want to have confidence in what they are buying and to know what it will be like working with the company they are considering doing business with.

What better way to give you a sense of who we are than to share our customer’s real-world feedback, and also highlight what some of our customers are accomplishing with MPP parts – whether it is on the racetrack, on the trails, at car shows, or on the road.

If you’ve purchased some MPP hardware, we would love to hear your feedback and post your car on this page! Shoot us an email with some photos and we’ll get it up here in no time. Thank you for all of your support!


Mike’s Model 3 With MPP’s Road Upgrade Kit

Mike's Road Upgrade Kit Model 3 Wisconsin, USAMike is the perfect example of the type of experience we're trying to give any Tesla owner looking to improve the enjoyment they get out of driving their car. Adding nothing more than our Road Upgrade Kit Level 1, Mike...

Scott’s Hill Climbing Model 3

Scott's Hill Climb Model 3 California, USAScott is using his Model 3 for one of it's most ideal use cases - hill climbing. This is a super exciting (and a bit dangerous!) form of motorsport that is very popular in Europe, but which also has a decent grassroots...

Martin’s Overlanding Model Y

Martin's Overlanding Model Y British Columbia, CanadaMartin is running at the opposite end of the spectrum of the normal Mountain Pass Performance customer - but he embodies the "Mountain Pass Performance" name perfectly! What better place to explore off road than...

Bennet’s Time-Attack Winning Model 3

Bennet's Time-Attack Winning Model 3 California, USABennet is one of the OG MPP friends we made when we ventured out to Laguna Seca for the first time with Cameron's car, back in 2018. Bennet has been one of our largest supporters, having switched from the competition...

John’s Tesla Model 3 Performance – OPTIMA GTE 157

John's Tesla Model 3 Performance - OPTIMA GTE 157 Nashville, USAJohn Laughlin was one of our first sponsored racers - Also known as the infamous "Rex Raikkonen" on YouTube, John has been slaying cones in ICE cars for quite some time. As a SCCA Solo National champion...

Richard’s Performance Model Y

Richard's Performance Model Y California, USARichard is one of our first customers to equip his Performance Model Y with our Comfort Adjustable Suspension and we're extremely pleased to hear how much he is loving the ride. How good does that paint look?! Thanks for...

Chris’ Family Of Track Capable Model 3’s

Chris' Multiple Model 3's North Carolina, USAChris was one of the first to build a track dedicated Model 3. Since 2019 Chris has been one of, or possibly the fastest guy on the east coast with a Model 3. Driving at tracks like VIR and Lime Rock, he was showing what...

Brandon’s Performance Model 3

Brandon's Performance AWD Tesla Model 3 Texas, USA Brandon is one of our earliest customers - It's guys like Brandon that inspire us to continue to do what we do each day. Going to the racetrack, cleaning up and converting ICE owners to see the potential of electric...

Over the last couple years, I think I’ve added almost every performance oriented upgrade in the MPP catalog to my Model 3 Performance. After each upgrade, I noticed improvements in grip, lap time and overall feel of the car on track. All this came with little compromise in daily driving. Every time I go out on track, I have gained confidence in the car and hope to one day make this a full-time track machine! MPP has high quality parts along with incredible technical support and service. Their thorough knowledge of the Model 3 helps create an upgrade path for those interested in gains on track or just improving a daily driver.

Chris P. // MPP Sports Coilovers, 380mm Front BBK, Rear Arms, Front Arms, Front Bushings, 12V Battery, Subframe Inserts, etc.

I bought the Comfort Adjustable coilover suspension for my Tesla Model Y.  I am absolutely impressed with the ride, quality, and customer service.  The car sits 1 3/4 inches lower, looks awesome, and rides BETTER than the stock suspension.  If I’d raise it a little more, it would ride even beterrrr, but I like the lower look.  If I were to buy a new Tesla, I would ABSOLUTELY 100 percent buy the luxury coilovers again.  Thank you Mountain Pass Performance!!

Clint Allerton // MPP Comfort Adjustable Model Y

So I got my MPP coilovers installed and one word…damn (or wow if damn doesn’t work)! The car sits low and looks AMAZING. People have nearly broken their necks to look at a Model 3! But more than that the MPP coilovers make the care handle amazingly flat….nearly as flat as my Viper! It’s so confidence inspiring with such little body roll and so controllable! Point it into a corner and it dives in with no hesitation…the car plants it’s weight and just hugs through the turn! I’d easily get these again knowing what I know now!
Damien G. // MPP Sports Coilovers, MPP Camber Arms, MPP Toe Arms

I’ve been running the comfort coilovers for about a week now and absolutely love them. Ride feels similar to the stock set up but far less jarring when hitting bumps and variations in the road. What I was really after was a sportier stance without sacrificing ride quality. The comfort coilovers hit the mark!


The shop that did the work was really impressed with the quality of the camber arms as well. If any of your customers ask for a shop recommendation in the Seattle area, I had my work done at Tru-line in Bellevue, WA. They were super informative and did a great job. Highly recommended.

Scott S. // MPP Comfort RWD Coilovers, MPP Camber Arms

The coilovers and control arms are fantastic. They are giving the right mix of tighter suspension and the flexibility to tune the ride height, but without making the ride harsh. It took a while for them to really settle in… but now they seem to have fully broken in. There is a smoothness and also a stronger connection to the road than the stock setup.  I don’t anticipate wanting to switch to the comfort springs since the combo of sport springs plus comfort dampers is a good pairing for me.


Thanks again. Looking forward to continuing following your team and reading about the other great products you will offer in the future!

Stewart W. // MPP Comfort RWD Coilovers, MPP Camber Arms, MPP Toe Arms

Feels like a Porsche! Absolutely glued to the road. Installed without a hitch. Love them.
Chris G. // MPP Sports RWD Coilovers, MPP Camber Arms, MPP Toe Arms

TMC folks, after reading through many threads, I felt compelled to share my experience with Mountain Pass Performance coilovers for my RWD M3. I wanted to wait until I had over 1,000 miles on them just to make sure that I love them – and I still do. First, let me start out by saying I had another competitors’ lowering springs installed, and I was really unhappy with the product performance and the customer service – the springs were binding/bottoming out and making a clunking noise every time I’d go over a small speed bump. I called their customer service and they were blaming the installer which really set me off. Anyhow, I ended up returning them and eating the cost of the labor to install/uninstall the springs and then purchased the MPP Sport Coilovers.

I’m not going to lie, replacing the other competitors’ lowering springs with MPP’s coilovers was a tough decision – the MPP’s are a premium product. But I figured if I’m going to keep the car, why not invest in the best product? Honestly, the determining factor for me was that MPP partnered with KW Suspensions – I think most people would agree, that KW Suspensions makes THE BEST coilovers.

I purchased the MPP RWD Model 3 Sport Coilovers. I was also torn about getting the Sport vs the Comfort coilovers at first since honestly, I’m a dad with 2 young kids. I didn’t want a rough ride with 2 young kids (and a discerning wife!). I chose the MPP Sport Coilovers as I just thought they are a better quality product. The ride is firm, but also soft. It’s kind of a weird explanation, but I’ll say that they’re so much softer than my other lowering springs, but they’re definitely firmer than a MS. I would say maybe comparable to a BMW M3… although it’s been a few years since I’ve ridden in a BMW M3. Just to note, I had a MS as a loaner for a few days from Tesla, I just felt there was way too much body roll and it felt like I was driving a boat (even though it’s a super nice car).

I had the MPP Sport Coilovers installed at MPP’s recommended dampening and ride height, I’ll say I LOVE the way my M3 looks, handles, and rides. It’s aggressive, but not “slammed”. It’s firm, but also soft. I don’t really push the car that hard since I’m mainly driving the kids around town, but I’ve had quite a few head turns and thumbs up on the road.

Kris K. // MPP Sports RWD Coilovers, MPP Camber Arms, MPP Toe Arms

The larger big brake kit is amazing and just needs complimentary pads to enhance braking.

Rear camber arms were a breeze to install and took out some rear camber in the rear with the wider  tires that I have. No more premature inner wearing due to camber. Anyone looking to reduce inner tire wear in the rear due to added negative  camber when lowering must need these arms.

Luca T. // MPP 365mm Big Brake Kit, MPP Camber Arms