Dear MPP friends,

We made it through 2020! It has been quite a year. Unlike any we’ve seen for a generation or more. We’ve been hit over and over again, first with raging forest fires in Australia and California, followed up by so many hurricanes that forecasters had to use the Greek alphabet to name them. And of course, this pandemic has changed all of our lives, none for the better.

With that in mind, it feels a bit vain for me to write this year-end post and highlight all of the car-related things we’ve done this year. While we’re proud of a lot of the things we’ve achieved in 2020 I think it’s important for all of us to just appreciate the fact that this horrible year is over and reflect on what we can perhaps do better in the future.

Some draw a number of parallels from the virus to climate change, mostly with regards to looking at the human response and preparation to these kinds of threats. I think that is very valid because it’s a perfect example of how it is in our nature to enjoy the good times, focus on the short term, and ignore distant future threats. That is literally how the human species has evolved – we have to worry about surviving today before we can focus on tomorrow. But we do need to collectively break away from that inability to focus on long term prosperity.

If you’re reading this post you likely own a Tesla already, so chances are you’re fairly comfortable. Investing a little bit more towards the future will pay dividends and our children and grandchildren will surely appreciate that they have a more comfortable planet to live on.

So 2020 has been a stark reminder to myself personally to not get complacent, and to fight for the things that are really important. Because the reality is there are a lot of people that are still just struggling to get through each day – those people are most certainly not worrying about the long term effects of possible pandemics or climate change. So I feel that it’s easier for those of us that are in a fortunate position to do more, and so important because there are so many that can’t.

Driving an electric car is a great first step. It has a strong impact on its own, but it’s also something that is seen by everyone you know. It’s a statement on wheels. It sparks a conversation that can lead towards inspiring others to learn about and take action on the direction we’re headed.

Hopefully, each of us can take more steps in 2021. Donate to a charity that is fighting for climate change. Install solar on your roof. Shift your investments into clean energy. Publically make your voice heard! A little uncomfortable discussion now will be far less painful than inaction.  

The beautiful thing is that we actually, for the first time since Climate Change has become a notable issue, have the real solutions to this problem. We have affordable clean energy. It actually makes economic sense to go in this direction. So now it’s just about making the change happen. And the more we push and show people that this isn’t something to be scared of, the faster this needed change will happen. Since we’re running against the clock, speed is good. How soon we make this happen does matter.

I’ll just post some pictures below of our MPP highlights for the year, there are plenty of articles on the site where you can read more about each individual picture if you’d like.

From all of us at MPP thank you so much for your support. We’ve been very fortunate this year and we aren’t forgetting how lucky we are. Thank you so much for being incredible customers and friends. We hope you and your families all made it through 2020 ok and that the future is bright for you.