We should be on a plane today. We should be arriving in San Francisco to prep Cameron’s Model 3 for a lap attempt at Buttonwillow. We should. But like all of us, our world has changed.

We’ve gone from dreaming of turning laps in cars for fun, to thinking about how to best protect ourselves from this invisible threat. It’s a depressing time no doubt, so to bring some positive news to all of the negativity out there, we decided we would share some of what we had in store for Cameron’s car.

The first part we developed is a top-mounted, low drag, high-downforce wing. The wing is made by the same experts who designed the wing on our record-setting time attack car, and it is produced in England. The wing hoops, stands, and lower brackets were designed by us inhouse for maximum style and minimum drag, featuring 1-degree adjustment increments and knife-edged stands.

Detail photo of the adjusting mechanism of the MPP Tesla Model 3 swan neck wing mount

This went from concept to reality in just over 2 weeks, including the ordering, shipping and arrival of the carbon wing itself. We’re really proud that we were able to get it done on time – but equally sad that we can’t bolt it on Cameron’s car and see the speed difference through riverside.

MPP GT wing mounted on our shop Model 3

We’ve also been working on a mega brake kit for the Model 3. While our 2pc rotors and 365mm big brake kit do the job, specifically for the RWD car – the power and weight the performance car carries does seem to require even more thermal mass and caliper for multiple hot laps.

MPP 368x35mm thick brake rotor

Enter our 368 x 35mm rotor. This is the big boy. No messing around here. This is the sort of disc you’d find on a GTD or GTLM car. A huge number of vanes and just about the most thickness available. This is the disc that is required if you want to be able to run lap after lap without having to think twice about your brakes.

Stoptech MPP Tesla Model 3 Big Brake Kit

We paired that rotor with Stoptech ST60R Trophy calipers. We’ve been racing on StopTech calipers for years and they have never let us down. These calipers are used in professional racing yet are extremely reasonably priced. We added in anti-rattle brackets and dust boots to make them street-friendly.

The best feature of these calipers is that they are incredibly low profile. Despite using a massive 368mm rotor, we are able to fit most 18″ wheels over these brakes, even the RPF1 which doesn’t tend to have the most room for big brakes. We knew that was important as a lot of you are using 18″ tires on the track due to availability and cost.

The brake feel is awesome, and we can’t wait to get on track to push these brakes to their limit. Unfortunately that will just have to wait. Who’s up for some sim racing?

I’m sure your email inbox is full of companies telling you how they are dealing with this virus, and we don’t want to add even more annoying junk mail – so hopefully a preview of these parts gives you a smile 🙂

We are still operating and fulfilling orders the same day for everything in stock. Some of our suppliers are slowing down, but for the most part, things are running normally here at the moment – with the exception of the on-track fun.

Stay healthy, don’t do anything stupid. Save that for the racetrack. We should all take a moment to thank those who are on the frontline, putting themselves at risk to take care of the sick. While playing with cars is awesome, we should all do whatever we can to help.