Partybox for Tesla Model 3


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Orders can not be made until we have discussed how the party box will be used, and established trust that the product will be used responsibly. In most cases, we will refuse the sale of this product to anyone with whom we do not already have a relationship.

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Welcome to the MPP Party Box. This page has been private for the last year or so as we’ve slowly been selling these units to die-hard enthusiasts. We now feel confident in the product enough to release it to the larger group, but please understand that purchasing this product does come with limitations and requirements on you, the customer.

Prior to selling the Party Box we will confirm that the product will be used responsibly, however in case you fool us: Do not buy it if you just want to do burnouts and show off to your friends. Do not buy it if you’re going to blame us if in a year’s time a Tesla software update breaks it. Our Partybox is able to be updated by the end-user, so in the event that a software update renders the module inoperable it will be easy to update as long as we’re able to find a solution in the software. This will take time. To date, this has not been a problem. However, as we add additional features there is a greater chance of an issue down the road.

Now that we have the negativity out of the way – The Partybox currently works without any faults or issues on RWD Model 3’s. It also works with AWD Model 3’s, although the traction control strategy is still in development. Please see the AWD section below. The box has been working successfully since mid-2019 on all North American Tesla software versions and works without issue on many European Teslas, however, we cannot say “all” as we do not have enough European customers to say.

The factory Model 3 stability control is extremely intrusive and it results in the Model 3 being essentially useless on the racetrack. Unplugging a wheel-speed sensor is an option, but it removes ABS which reduces the car’s ability on track significantly, as ABS will significantly improve track lap time and consistency. Our Partybox allows for controlled sliding and ideal track performance by allowing some slip and deactivating intrusive stability control nannies. Dyno mode has been removed by Tesla, so that’s no longer an option for those of you that want to be able to open up your Tesla’s.

This Partybox kit includes our MPP-designed microcontroller in a CNC-machined aluminum enclosure, the wiring harness which has been produced with MIL-Spec harness practices including Raychem heat-shrink protecting the wires, and an adapter harness using the OEM Tesla connectors to allow for a plug and play installation. (2021+ cars require splicing in for power, but otherwise is plug and play) A USB port on the device allows for software updates in the future.


Feature Overview:

The Party Box is activated and de-activated by pressing the “slip-start” button on the screen and allows a fixed amount of wheelspin, and fully disables stability control. The vehicle will not throw any faults during light slides but continuous drifting or slides may trip a stability control fault, and the vehicle will continue to operate with the 50% wheel slip limit, but with regen disabled. This is NOT dyno mode or some other type of trigger of a Tesla existing feature. 

There is an easy-to-access physical bypass connector that can be installed in 10 seconds to remove the Partybox from the system when not in use.

A USB port allows for future software updates. The updates will either be to add features or to fix compatibility issues with future vehicle software versions.



If you would like to purchase the Party Box, you will be required to sign a waiver agreeing to the following:

  • You will use the device responsibly and unplug it while on public roads
  • You will not sell the Partybox to a 3rd party without first having that 3rd party contact us for the same process you went through with us when purchasing.
  • You will not hold us responsible or liable for anything that happens as a result of you being a moron OR unexpected behavior.
  • You will disconnect the Partybox whenever you are on public roads or when doing a software update. This can be done in around 30 seconds with our supplied jumper connector.
  • You accept that there is a chance future software updates will render this box inoperable.
  • You will not use the Partybox with Autopilot or full self-driving features of any kind.
  • You, or anyone else, will not try to reverse engineer any aspect of the Party Box.

Please do not purchase this product unless you are fully willing to agree to these terms. If you receive the party box and are not satisfied with it, we will return it in full no questions asked within 30 days.



Installation is 100% plug and play and reversible. Adapter harnesses are included so no tapping into factory wires is required. Installation takes approximately 45 minutes by a competent technician. Detailed instructions with photos are provided to customers. These instructions are confidential.



The Partybox will automatically detect if it is installed in a RWD or AWD vehicle. AWD functionality allows the user to disable stability control without any faults or errors. Traction control is reduced and additional slip is allowed. The AWD platform is currently in late beta testing, but is available now for you die-hard enthusiasts that need something!



For MPP customers who have purchased $2500 or more, please email for a $200 coupon code for our Partybox. This is our way of saying thank you for being a loyal MPP customer! Thanks to your support the development of products like this is possible!