MoTeC C125 Display for Tesla Model 3

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If you already know about MoTeC, we need not say more. If you don’t, we encourage you to read below to find out how this is so much more than just a display. 

IN STOCK! V5 update just released with additional channels!


We’ve always felt the Model 3 deserved a driver-centric gauge cluster. More than that, we’ve felt that Tesla holds back a bit too much information and we’re interested in a bit more. What’s my altitude? What is the current battery power? What is my instantaneous efficiency? How hot is the motor? Well, we’ve come up with a solution for all of those wants with this display, but that is only scratching the surface of what the MoTeC C125 Display for Tesla Model 3 offers.

If you’re not familiar with MoTeC, you should spend a few minutes online to read about their products. MoTeC is the leading motorsport electronics supplier worldwide, and they supply engine control and data logging electronics to racing teams at every echelon of motorsport – from 24hrs of Le Mans down to club racers. The C125 is a display (and datalogger when enabled) that is capable of just about anything you could imagine. i2 – MoTeC’s data analysis software – is known around the world as being one of the most intuitive yet most powerful applications available for analyzing, comparing and quickly getting the maximum benefit from data. With this display and the logging option enabled, you’ll be able to analyze straight-line acceleration, racetrack laps, or even use it to judge your driving ability through the canyons. The capabilities of this unit are far beyond the scope of this product page – but know that the C125 is capable of just about anything you can throw at it.

While there are no doubt cheaper ways to do a display for the Model 3, it just made sense to us to use the MoTeC and have all of these incredible motorsport features available to us. What really made this make sense was MoTeC’s new Display Creator software. Display Creator is basically photoshop for your display. It gives the end-user the ability and flexibility to configure and design the display in any way imaginable. This is something that no other dash in the world can offer. We’ll talk a little bit more about that later.

As you can tell we’re passionate about MoTeC products. The C125 was the central starting point for the idea to put an instrument cluster in the Model 3. The next steps were to build a plug and play wiring harness and bracket to complete the kit. We designed a CNC cut black anodized aluminum bracket that installs easily requiring only a small slot at the top of the steering column trim panel for the bracket standoff. Once installed the dash can be removed with 2 easy to access cap screws if you’d ever like to remove it, and only a smooth flat piece of aluminum will protrude a few millimeters from the steering column cover – this dash can very much be a “track day only” component if you so desire!

Once installed the dash becomes second nature and you’re likely to feel as if something is missing if you ever drive without it (that’s how we feel now after having it in our development car for a few months). The standard display layout that we provide displays battery power, speed, altitude, time, motor temperature, drive state, instantaneous efficiency, battery current, voltage, lap time and more. A few other cool features: the outside shift lights flash to indicate left and right turn signals, the dash brightness automatically changes in sync with the center screen brightness. The screen can scroll through different displays when in park or neutral at the press of the accelerator pedal.

With Display Creator, you’re able to design your own layout. So if you’d like something moved, or prefer a different gauge, or say you want a totally different layout from the way we supply the dash – you have the ability to go and change everything with an extremely powerful interface. There is literally no limit to what you can do. Most companies lock the layout to protect their IP – which means you’d need to start from scratch if you want to make even simple changes. We don’t do that – we provide the display creator file with purchase so you can play around as much as you’d like, starting from the base template we provide! We’re sure the community will come up with some very neat designs and ideas for the display.

With the optional logging upgrade, the display becomes an insanely powerful data logger. Logging unlocks the ability to analyze your laps, see where you are gaining and losing time compared to other laps, evaluate the performance of the car and see how you can improve as a driver. With logging channels such as steering angle, accelerator position, battery power, g-force, and wheel speed sensors the data system becomes as powerful as what many professional racing teams use. There is no doubt if you learn how to use this tool your driving will improve by seconds at a time. We know because data-centric driver coaching is something that Sasha has done professionally for years before starting MPP!

Real data captured from our record-setting Laguna Seca lap using this exact kit. Two laps are overlaid in this example.

The wiring harness is plug-and-play with the exception of splicing into the cigarette lighter power wire, but we include the splice and glue-shrink to perform a professional connection there (you’ll never see us recommending wire-taps!). The harness includes a provision for a GPS antenna, connection to the vehicle’s CAN bus and the ethernet communication panel cable. Complete installation including trimming of the steering wheel column trim takes around 2 hours for an experienced mechanic or audio installation expert.

The kit includes everything required to get up and running – just plug it in and go! No configuration or software skills needed. Of course, please feel free to contact us with your questions!

Installation Instructions HERE

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  1. Chad Martin

    We are still learning how to use the dash and all the features it provides, but I can say that the fit and finish of the dash and related parts is great and the configurability is almost endless. We are most excited about real time predictive lap feature because of the ability to help learn how to get the most out of the car, but
    we are looking forward to exploring all the logging options available too. For anyone who wants to get under the covers and view all the data available (and there is alot!) this is the ticket. Thanks to MPP from teamPGR for producing this excellent dash display kit.

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